Sarah is 3!

Today my little girl turns 3!

 IMG_5347IMG_5404 IMG_4978IMG_4296IMG_3539IMG_5317Wow, what a difference a year makes! I no longer have a baby, but instead I have a buddy. We play, dance, and even hang out together. At one she was just a blob and I was just learning how to be a mom. At 2 she was a toddler who was learning how to talk and I was learning who she was. At 3 I can honestly say she’s become this independent, funny, sweet little girl who I enjoy being around (when she’s not hungry, tired or cranky)!

She’s matured and blossomed into such a beautiful person I am so proud to call her my daughter.

Here are some things about my 3 year old:

Sarah is very social. Since she is on a need to know basis, she wakes up every morning asking me, “What we is doing today?” After I tell her where are we going she asks me, “Are my friends going to be there?” Once I assure her friends are joining us, she jumps up and down with great excitement for the days activities.

 Sarah is really thoughtful. She always thinks of her friends. She frequently brings extra snacks to share with her friends. However if her friend decides not to share she gets really angry.

Sarah loves being outside. Just like she wakes up in the morning to ask about our agenda, she normally needs another outdoor activity after nap or sometimes after dinner (in the summer). That is why I came up with items to keep her busy when we are hanging out outside our home. You can read more about the Summer Bag here.

Sarah loves all animals. From ants to dogs, she is has no fear. She frequently wants to pick up insects to “play” with.

Sarah loves to swim. She is often found swimming with daddy while I get misc house things done at home.

Sarah has fear of heights (just like her mommy). She wont go on a tall slide in the park. She wont try to jump off anything tall. Which makes this mama breath easy.  However, I’m trying to encourage her to be courageous and explain to her that I can help her, but she’s just not interested.

Sarah is a tomboyish. She enjoys playing with cars over dolls. She rather wear a Minion shirt and shorts then a dress. She prefers boyish things over girlish things when presented with the choice. On the flip side, she likes the princesses from the movie, Frozen (only). She frequently asks that I paint her nails or braid her hair.

It doesn’t really matter what she prefers. As long as she’s happy I don’t care what she plays with.

Sarah still takes 2 hour naps everyday. Except on Trip Thursdays or on Sunday’s when we have family outings.

Sarah is fully potty trained. However she has accidents 2-3 times a week.

Sarah still uses a pacifier to for nap time and bed time. Something I plan to get rid of before Preschool.

Sarah’s Likes –

Food: Mac and cheese, pizza, sushi, baked salmon, rice, oatmeal, peas, brussels sprouts and all fruit.

Sarah’s Dislikes –

 Food: lettuce, chicken with sauce and broccoli.

We love you Sarah! Happy Birthday!

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Clarissa Riggio

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

[…] Sarah turns 3! […]

[…] Sarah turns 3! […]

[…] Sarah turns 3! […]

[…] Sarah turns 3! […]

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