Pin-Spired #4

I follow this blog that puts monthly Pinterest inspired outfits together. They call it Pin-spired. I’ve been joining them when I can (and when I remember to take pictures of my clothes).

pin signSince I have 2 months left in this pregnancy, I decided to continue sharing my Pin-spired pregnancy outfits. Here is what I wore.

Outfit #1 – Grey shirt, dark jeans, and leather jacket.26e7953ac9530839684f407a4001b0a8

My version: Heading out to a friend’s birthday dinner. Needed something cute but comfy to fit my 8 month belly. I grabbed my jacket on the way out. IMG_5693Shirt {HERE}, jeans {HERE},jacket {HERE}, flats {HERE}, and earrings {HERE}.

Outfit #2 – Pink shirt, jeans, and brown boots.5dfb06c2bed5e1f3a5cf7f255e4ff05cMy version: Heading out to a cancer event with some girlfriends so I thought it was fitting to wear pink. IMG_5711Shirt {HERE}, jeans {HERE}, boots {HERE}, and earrings {HERE}.

Outfit #3 – Grey shirt, black tights, boots and leather jacket. 847b922fef4ba5c1ebcc74a151ba4501

My version: I wore this to run errands around town. I also wore it another time for date night.IMG_5737Shirt {HERE}, tights {HERE}, boots {HERE}, jacket {HERE} and necklace {HERE}.

Outfit #4 – Chambray shirt, black tights and boots. 67ec5d3b6fb7d2c2ce4c08598d119bab

My version: I wore this to a play date one afternoon. It’s been cold so I decided to pair it with boots instead of flats. IMG_5745Shirt {HERE}, tank {HERE}, tights {HERE}, boots {HERE}, and necklace {birthday gift from a friend}.

 If you have outfits to link up, feel free to grab the button to add to your post.

Looking forward to seeing your outfits!
<a  border=”0″href=”<a href=”” target=”_blank”>http://www.<WBR><WBR>search/label/pin-spired</a>”  target=”_blank”><img  src=”<a href=”” target=”_blank”>http://i112.photobucket.<WBR>com/albums/n191/mlarson17/<WBR>pinspiredmel_zpsdf4a5059.png</a>”/<WBR>></a>
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