Passover {2014}

For the past few years hubby and I have hosted Passover dinner at our home. After some miscommunication with our family members I was left really sad and upset. After talking it out with my hubby and a phone call with my therapists (aka my mom and sisters), I was reminded that this was a holiday and that I should be happy. So I wiped away the tears and did my best to prep my home, cook all the meals and set my dinning room table in time for the holiday.

Passover: TablePassover: Kids Table

Thanks to my friend Sarah N. for making this possible. She was able to watch Sarah all of Monday morning so that I can prep for the seder without a toddler slowing me down. Thanks again Sarah and thanks for sending me pics of the girls through out the day, I owe you one!

Passover: Getting Sarah dressed has become really difficult. She’s no longer interested in wearing dresses. So I did what every mom does, I told her I’d give her chocolate if she wore the dress (wait, not every mom does that?).


PS Thanks mama (and Aunt Aileen) for the beautiful dress!

Not only is this chag special, but it also marked the 1st time Sarah lit her candle before a chag.

Passover: Chag Candle

The first night of Passover I had my friends Erin Y, Cheryl and their families over for dinner.

My menu included:

Spinach Salad

Homemade Matzah Ball Soup

Sweet Potato Souffle

Apricot Kugel

Carrot Kugel

Zesty Chicken

Mama Chit Chat: Passover

Dessert included Apple Sponge Cake and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies.

Passover: Dessert

The Seder plate included:

Shank Bone


Homemade Charoset



and an Egg.

Passover: Seder Plate

I made a seder plate for the kids table as well.

Passover: Kid's Seder Plate

For the second night of Passover I had my friends Sarah, Jessica and their families over for dinner.

Passover girls

I doubled all the recipes so I could have enough food for the second night. Last minute I decided to add Sweet & Sour Meatballs.

All of the recipes can be found on my Pinterest board under Passover.

Thanks to all my guests for making this years Passover a joyous holiday. And thanks again for all the wine and flowers.

Passover: Family 2Passover: Family

As we say in Hebrew, Chag Sameach!

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