Open Letter to My Daughter

577875_458051120931600_1400647445_nDear Sarah Lily,

Ever since I met your daddy, I’ve dreamt of you. I’ve dreamt I was a mother who played and danced with her little girl. When I found out I was pregnant, I was beyond thrilled! Since I had a hard time carrying you, being the helper that you are, you decided to come out early (P.S. Thanks for that!). I was overwhelmed with emotion when daddy announced you were a girl. As we laid there skin-to-skin, so many thoughts and feelings ran through my head, especially the dream I had of us playing and dancing together.

As we celebrated your second birthday recently, I couldn’t stop thinking of how lucky I was that G-d blessed me with the gift of motherhood. He gave me a sweet and loving little girl whom I am proud to call my daughter.

Every year on your birthday, daddy and I take you to the place that makes us all happy — the park. We run and play under the sun as we smile and laugh the afternoon away.

I decided to write you this open letter and share some things that make me smile.

Our family and friends think you look like a combination of both daddy and me so I created two lists.
How you are like me:
The way you stroke your hair before falling asleep.
The way you brush your toes against the sheets while falling asleep.
The way you hear a beat (near or far) and start dancing and twirling.
The way you need your morning “coffee” before anyone can really talk to you.

Things you do that remind me of your daddy:
Your long and beautiful eyelashes.
Your love for gadgets (already!).
Your laughter and smile.
Your desire to be in the water, by the water or around water all the time.

Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, good health and smiles.

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”


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