Navigator of The Seas – Day 3 & 4

I’m back for some more details on our Navigator of The Seas.

Day 3

After breakfast we walked around a bit before our departure time. We stopped by the helicopter pad and I showed Jacob the Titanic move.

Then we headed inside for drawing and coloring class. Of course Sarah picked a turtle.

Then it was time for trivia. Both Jacob and I played. So fun!

When it was our time to depart, we got into a catamaran and checked out the views.

Ready to explore Cabo!

We checked out a beach called Playa Santa Maria with our friends The Salters.

Thankful for my travel buddy!

After dinner we headed to watch the headliner perform. Wow, she was incredible!!

The kids wanted a movie night so they stayed back while we checked out karaoke, walked around the ship and then called it a night.

Day 4

After breakfast we headed to the pool.

After pool side tacos we headed inside to play Bingo.

We grabbed our pants and headed to the ice skating rink.

Showered and ready for dinner with our crew.

The sunset was gorgeous!

After dinner we dropped the kids off at kids club and headed to the Era Show. So amazing!

We picked up the kids and called it a night. A monkey greeted us in our room!

See you soon for day 5 & 6!

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