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Ever since our daughter, Sarah was able to sit up, hubby and I have been reading to her before nap and before bed. 3.5 years later we still read to Sarah before nap and bed. I believe reading to your child daily builds a healthy vocabulary and is a great time to bond with your child.

Thanks to National Geographic, we have been enjoying these beautiful picture books were Sarah can learn lots of fun facts.

IMG_3861 IMG_3862

Backed by the global resources and expertise of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Kids Books are packed with kid-friendly features, photos, facts, and fun inspired by their award-winning National Geographic Kids magazine.

National Geographic Kids Books are created by award-winning authors, illustrators, and photographers, enhanced by explorers and researchers in the field, and vetted by education consultants. Early concepts, content, and covers for books are also shown to a diverse group of kids who volunteer on the National Geographic Research Panel, so they can say with confidence that their books are “Kid tested, mother approved!”

As a global media organization, National Geographic publishes books and magazines for children of all ages and adults, produces an award-winning website, award-winning documentary television and feature films, maintains two international television channels, and much more. Their goal is to foster and support a lifelong love of learning.

National Geographic and KIWI share a common concern for the planet and a commitment to keeping it safe and healthy for generations to come. Purchase of National Geographic books support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

Get your kids a great gift this holiday season with 40% off books by going to my link here.

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This post was written as part of my participation in the Moms Meet program. While National Geographic provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

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Melissa Bloom

such a great model… they should hire her :)

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