Mother’s Day {2016}

The week started with a lovely breakfast and hike at Sarah’s school.IMG_8604IMG_7255 We even got hand massages! IMG_7230 I loved reading what Sarah had to say about me. Ha ha cucumbers.  IMG_7226Later in the week Jacob made me his first hand print art at mommy and me.Mother's Day ArtDuring our weekly group discussion at Jacob’s mommy and me class last week all the moms shared what they want to do on Mother’s Day vs what they will actually end up doing on Mother’s Day.

After listening to a few stories, it became apparent the moms that were stay at home moms and didn’t have family near by (like me) wanted alone time and the moms who worked and/or had family near by wanted to celebrate the day with their kids and family.

Last year I felt a little selfish, so this year I made alone time plans for the day before. But after our discussion, it all made sense.

I am home with the kiddos all day and every day. Some days I have all my ducks in a row and some days I stare at the clock waiting for hubby to get home (which at times is after bed time).

So this year I made plans for the day with my friend and started counting down towards my special day. Well after two back to back trips my body couldn’t keep up and I got sick. Like a really bad head cold.we_plan_god_laughs

Ha, I thought this proverb fit perfectly.

I gave up and canceled my plans.

I called the highschooler next door, took some medicine and hibernated for a few hours.

I woke up Sunday feeling a bit better. So hubby and the kiddos took me out for breakfast.

I love what a pair of sunglasses and some lip stick can do. IMG_7376IMG_7339

IMG_7380My little goofballs.

I had a super yummy carb filled breakfast, orange marmalade french toast. IMG_7387

After breakfast we headed over to Sprinkles, for their special event. We each got to decorate our own Mother’s Day themed cupcakes. IMG_7392 IMG_7402Our next adventure was a visit to Barnes & Noble for some books and play. IMG_7395I found this adorable book called, Mamasaurus. IMG_7399IMG_7398Book can be found here.
We headed home for naps and some down time.

My sister-in-law is in town for the next few weeks and wanted to meet up at the park. I stayed back while Jacob was napping and hubby took Sarah to the park.

I got to catch up on some shows.IMG_7406We ended the day with a casual dinner with our family, my sister-in-law, her kids and my mother-in-law.

It might not have been my original plan, but it was actually a really really nice Mother’s Day.

Thank you to hubby and the kids for all the cards, gifts and sweet gestures. Also thank you to everyone else who sent me messages, texts and FB posts. You really made me feel special!

This day wouldn’t have been possible without these two kiddos. Sarah meets SharonIMG_4109

Thank you for making me a mama!

– – –

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