Mommy Confession

MjAxMy0zMWExZDliYTQzMGU1YmU3As embarrassing as it is and as sad as it is, I have to confess, my daughter pushes!

Yes, I know some toddlers go through this phase, but it upsets me and makes me sad.  What embarrasses me the most is that she mostly pushes this one toddler friend of ours. The other problem is we meet with this toddler (and our neighbor) regularly for a weekly play date. So it’s not only getting old, but it’s also becoming sad to see. Just last week we had her over for a play date. Our neighbor was not available so I was hoping Sarah would react differently since it was just the two of them. For the first 30 minutes she was doing so well, laughing, playing and then…it happened… Sarah just went up to her and pushed her.

To make things worse, she (occasionally) laughs after she does it.

I’ve put her on a time out, removed her from the situation, explained that her actions were not okay. However, she continues this behavior and only really does it with the one friend. Every so often she does it when she is around other kids, but it stops after the first time I have a discussion with her.

I’m embarrassed and need your help!

What would you do if your child pushes?

UPDATE: This morning we went to a friends house for a play date. The girl she tends to push was there too.  I’m happy to report that she didn’t push or even try to touch her! Weird, huh?

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