Meal Planning

I’ve always thought Meal Planning was for those neurotic people who planned every minute of their lives, but after many nights of going to the super market to find just a few ingredients for that night’s diner I became stressed and exhausted. Since Sarah started eating 3 meals a day, I found myself at multiple supermarkets 3-4 times a week, or worse, eating frozen food. For someone who likes to cook and create food I was no longer enjoying myself as I prepared food for my family. Needless to say I was even more stressed, as I had to drag my toddler around with me on those supermarket trips.

Therefore after some research and planning I am proud to say I am part of that neurotic club! For the past few months I’ve been meal planning and I LOVE it!

I decided that finding time to work out is not YET in the near future, but what I put in my mouth is. So every Sunday night I browse my Pinterest pages and favorite cookbooks for new and exciting recipes to make for my weekly meals. I searched for different menu designs. I picked one I liked best and tried it for the week.


After using it for 2 weeks, I decided to make my own calendar based on what works for my family.


It’s been working great! Both my family and I know what to expect on any given day. Seeing the week laid out in black and white also makes sure we don’t eat out too often.

Note: I don’t plan lunches or breakfasts, but I like to keep track of what Sarah is eating. That way I make sure Sarah is eating a balanced diet.

Do you Meal Plan? What do you use to get organized?

Don’t Meal Plan? I’ve included my Calendar and Grocery List to get you started. Happy planning!

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Lucy M

We have been eating out almost daily, or ordering pizza multiple times a week. It’s getting really bad. You are so right, meal planning really works well and helps to avoid eating out so much. I’m going to go meal plan right now. And I think I’ll use your calendar, too! :)

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