Let’s Talk: Tips and Tricks

This month we are talking about…Home Tips & Tricks.

Tip 1: Command hooks

I love these little guys! I stick them everywhere! I hang them in the closet, hang pictures and more. They are especially great during the holidays when you want to hang things that are not permanent.Tip 2: Drawer organizer cubes

When I fold laundry I just want to toss socks and underwear into a drawer and be done. I like this divided cubes for our drawers. They keeps things neat and easy to find.


Tip 3: Kids place setting/snack drawer

As my kids older I am trying to get them to help out with more. I put all of their things in two plastic drawers. Easy to grab snacks and all of their cups, plates, and bowls. This way they can get their items when it’s time to set the table.Tip 4: Large baking containers

I like having a pantry fully stocked. I also like times that are easy to access. This way when I want to bake or try a new recipe I’m ready to go. I like these large containers.

Tip 5: Trays

Thanks to Andrea we got these amazing trays a few weeks ago and absolutely love them! We use it for meal time, play doh, building LEGO and making cookies. Best part they can go in the dishwasher.

What are your tips and tricks? Please share below.

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