Last Day of School {2014}

For the past year Sarah and I have been attending a co-op school where I drop her off one day and stay with her the other day or as the school likes to call it Toddler Two’s and Three’s.

This past Thursday was our last day of school. We continued our morning tradition and took pictures to remember the day.

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of SchoolAnd because I love comparison pictures, here is a picture of Sarah’s first and last day of school.

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of SchoolWe had a lot of fun in school this year! Beside all the great classroom activities, we attended a lot of fun field trips. Some of our favorites were a visit to the farm, playing in the snow, riding the train, and a boat ride on the harbor.

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of SchoolNot only was school fun, but Sarah grew a lot this year!  She’s gotten taller, her hair has gotten longer (it can now fit in a ponytail) and she even learned how to ride a tricycle.


Instead of giving individual end of the year gifts to our teacher, a couple of moms got together and organized a really great class gift. Each mom was asked to bring their child’s hand print and a gift card of their choice. I really loved how it turned out! Thanks Jenna & Anola for organizing, it was such a great idea! 

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of School

At the end of class, Mrs. D gave each kid their place mat, a photo collage and a CD with our class songs. She took her time with each kid and explained what was in the packet.

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of SchoolI received Sarah’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go! book back signed with a lovely message by Mrs. D.

Mama Chit Chat: Last Day of SchoolWe are really going to miss Mrs. D and our class.IMG_9002 IMG_9007

Sarah doesn’t understand that this was her last day of school. Not only is this the last day of school, this is also her last day of school in this school. She’s all signed up for preschool next year at a local school.

I’m kind of sad about it all. Next year I wont be with her. I wont be there when she falls or when she hits a new milestone. I wont be there to remind her to use the potty or to drink water. Preschool is going to be different. But I think I’m ready for different.

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Michal ema Benson

Such a beautiful blog Sharon I am so proud of you and I enjoyed to read it so much! I am waiting for the next one.. Great job!!!

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