Las Vegas (2019)

We recently took the kiddos on our annual family trip to Las Vegas!

Packing for trips has become easy with these packing cubes. I love the before and after.

Day 1

Ready for the 4 hour drive to Las Vegas!

Our first stop was in Victorville for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel. I grew up going to Cracker Barrel in Florida so it was nice to introduce it to the kiddos. The kids were mesmerized with all of the decor. Sarah really enjoyed the table game. In hindsight I wish we bought one to take home!

Jacob fell asleep while my energizer bunny of a daughter was up watching movies.

Day 2

We all slept in and hung out for a bit in the room. The kids ate cereal and milk (we bring breakfast food with us). We finally stumbled downstairs for coffee. I grabbed my usual Vegas breakfast of iced coffee and a bar. Kiddos had the Starbucks strawberry and banana smoothie.

On our agenda today was a big dessert adventure! As a Father’s Day gift to our favorite guy, hubby found a dune buggy experience in the middle of the Nevada dessert. The company we went through, Sun Buggy picked us up in our hotel lobby and took us to their facility.

We got fitted for helmets and goggles and headed on shuttle #2.

Ready for our adventure!

We had the best time! A couple tips, #1 we picked the 11am time slot to avoid the hot dessert heat. But by the time we were done with the buggy adventure it was 110 already! #2 kids have to be 4 and up to ride the buggy. #3 We picked the 1 hour adventure and I really feel like that was plenty of time.

We boarded shuttle #3 and went back to HQ. We dropped off our gear, cooled down, and snacked on some popcorn while we waited for shuttle #4 to take us back to our hotel. It was such a great experience. I highly recommend Sun Buggy rentals!

We quickly changed into out suits and made our way to the lazy river. I love how my kids feel at home at the MGM Hotel.

Ahh we love the lazy river!

All of a sudden there was thunder and we were all asked to leave the pool. It worked in our favor as we were all wiped from the day. We showered and snuggled in for room service until I looked over to see our little guy was out and it was only 6:30pm.

Day 3

We did our usual Starbucks run and then headed to the pool.

We stopped for lunch and icees. Hubby and I always get the yards when we are in Vegas. Yum!

We spent 5 hours in the pool and lazy river. We had so much fun!

We cleaned up for dinner and went off the strip for Hibachi dinner at Osaka.

After dinner we made our way back to the strip. We stopped at Sloan’s Ice Cream for dessert. Such a cool store!

Day 4

Happy Father’s day to my daddy and hubby!

Instead of our normal coffee downstairs we brought food upstairs from our hotel food court.

As usual we spent the day in the pool.

Around 4pm we made our way back to our room and got ready for the evening.

While walking downstairs we saw a big line in the lobby. We later found out the Stanley Cup was visiting our hotel for the day.

For dinner we ate at Sushi Bomb.

After dinner we walked the strip took a ride on the trams. The kids love it!

Our last stop of the evening was the M&M Store. A favorite stop when we come to Las Vegas.

Day 5

We packed up our stuff, checked out and headed to breakfast. Today we went to the Paris hotel for croissants by the Eiffel Tower.

After breakfast I met up with my really good friend from Florida who happened to be in Vegas while we were here. Such a small world!

We got in the car and made our way back home. Our first stop was only an hour out of the strip at the 7 Magic Mountains. They were repainting them on our visit so we couldn’t go up close, but we still got to admire the dessert art exhibit.

Our 2nd stop was the world’s largest thermometer. It read 108! Eek!

Our 3rd and final stop was an early dinner at Sonic Drive In. We don’t have one in So Cal so it was a fun place to check out before heading home.

Love adventuring with my family!

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