Jackie’s Visit {2014}

I recently had my mom, aunt Jackie and her friend Sara visit us. I don’t get to see my aunt often as she lives in Israel. Last time I saw her was 3 years ago when hubby and I went to Israel for our 2 year anniversary.

Since she has never met my daughter, it was a really nice treat to see them meet.

IMG_2345Only here for a few days, they wanted to do as many touristy things as possible.

Our first stop was the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater.

IMG_2376Unfortunately they were setting up for a movie premiere so we didn’t get to see all the hand and foot prints.

Before heading to our car we bumped into Minnie Mouse. Sarah had never met Minnie so she was really excited to meet her! After all her 2nd birthday was Minnie Mouse themed.

IMG_2384Our next stop was Beverly Hills for sightseeing and snacks. We bought cupcakes at Sprinkles and juice at Kreation.

IMG_2397IMG_2401We walked around a bit until we reached Rodeo Drive.

IMG_2402Sarah started to get tired, so we headed back home to rest.

IMG_2404Later that evening I invited everyone over for a home cooked dinner. For dessert my mom and aunt surprised hubby and I with an anniversary cake.

IMG_2414Wiped from our day of adventures, I had my mom and aunt bath Sarah.

IMG_2416The second day started off at the Santa Monica Pier. We had nice time walking around, riding the rides and taking fun touristy pictures!

IMG_2423IMG_2427IMG_2435IMG_2447Later that morning we headed to Third Street Promenade for shopping and lunch.


Thanks to Jackie, Sarah scored a new pair of Crocs!

IMG_2462I had a lot of fun being a tourist for a couple of days. As tiring as it was, I got to spend some quality time with my mommy and aunt!

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loved to reat it. can’t wait to see you soon. already think it will be to short time…

Michal ema Benson

Thank you Sharon and Sarah our tour guides! We had so much fun and I love to spend even a little time with you. We miss you so much!!! Thanks to you I saw Cali so many time and I am happy. Thanks for taking time from you busy day rutine and dedicate it to us. I am really so proud of you! Love you love you love you so so much you are really one of a kind!

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