Holiday Boutique

Last month I participated in my daughter’s school Holiday Boutique. It was my first boutique ever! I went there to showcase my new business, Tupperware.

IMG_2595 IMG_2599 It was a fun two day event. The first day Sarah was in school, so I had her covered. The second day, hubby decided to take the day off so I could concentrate on the boutique.

I was really nervous as I never really “sold” anything like this before. Prior to being a stay-at-home-mom I worked for various non-profits tabling events where I sat at a table to discuss volunteer programs and events. I’m not a seller, I’m a talker.

Lucky all the veteran holiday boutique owners made me feel right at home. Spending two full days with them introduced me to some really great ladies and some fabulous companies.


(Yup, that’s me being super cheesy)

I made a little profit through-out those two days, but I was more excited to showcase my beautiful Tupperware. I also got some great leads!

Thanks to my friends who came to visit, chat and buy! Your support means a lot to me!!

As a special holiday treat I’m sharing my favorite Tupperware line, CrystalWave with my readers. I’m selling this CrystalWave Meal Solutions 6-pc set for only $25!!! Regularly $75!

 CrystalWave® Meal Solutions 6-Pc. SetThis set includes a CrystalWave® 4-Cup/1 L Rectangular, 9½-Cup/2.3 L Rectangular plus two 7-Cup/1.7 L. Rectangular and two Soup Mugs. The vented, virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals prevent splatters in the microwave while the large tab makes seal removal easy.

Contact me quickly as I only have one set to sell!

Not interested in the Crystal Wave products? Contact me as I have really great deals going on right now.

Thanks for all of the support.

Your Tupperware Lady

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