HEAT Repeat!


Last night my home team, the Miami Heat, won the NBA Finals (again)!!! Yes I’ve been living in Cali for the past eight years, but coming from Florida where I lived for 20+ years prior still means I call Florida my home. A few of my friends were lucky to attend last nights game, so jealous! I’ve been to a few games in the past, but nothing compares to a championship game. Hoping to make it to next years NBA Finals where my home team will win it for the third time! Go HEAT!

As we sat watching the game on TV most evenings, hubby and I thought it would be fun to teach Sarah how to cheer for each team. For a bit she took to, “Go Spurs” but after the second game she was proudly cheering, “White Hot” and “Go HEAT!”

The champs!


(Courtesy of the Miami Heat FB page.)

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[…] My home team, the Miami Heat, won the NBA Finals (again)!! […]

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