Halloween Playdate {2013}

I love celebrating Halloween. I love all the spooky food, the costumes, the parties and the decorations. I love it all!

Still not sure of our Trick-or-Treat plans, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to host a Halloween party.

I invited a couple of my friends and their kids (who get together on a weekly basis) over for a Halloween play date.

The invitation was made online and sent through email.

inviteThen I went on my Halloween Pinterest board and started planning our play date.

I started prepping for our play date with the help of my sidekick (who couldn’t stop talking about the “Halloween party” for days leading up to the party.) One afternoon Sarah and I worked on the centerpiece. Even though a lot of the candy made it to the floor, she was happy to help. And the best part, I got 20 uninterrupted minutes to work in the kitchen! Ahhh

photo(2)Another morning was spent putting up decorations.


photo(3)I underestimated how much time each dish would take as there were a lot of details. Somehow I managed to make all eight dishes during one nap time. Let’s just say I was really happy when Sarah decided to take a two-hour nap (it’s been an hour long all week), as I needed every minute of that time. Fortunately, I finished on time and the food turned out really yummy!

My menu included the following:

Mummy Pizzas (English muffins, pasta sauce, string cheese and black olives),

photo(1)Frankenstein Guacamole (homemade guacamole, sour cream, sliced olives and blue tortilla chips),

photo 3(1)Candy Corn Drink (lemon/mango jello, orange soda and whipped cream),

photo 3(2)Not to self: do not over fill pitcher! Since there was no room to mix the drink, we had a “potion” erupt.

candy corn overflowFrankenstein Pudding (vanilla pudding dyed green with crumbled Oreos),

photo 1(2)Bloody Band-Aids (graham crackers, vanilla frosting and raspberry preserves),

photo 1photo 3Witches Brooms (pretzel sticks inside Reese’s peanut butter cups),

photo 4Ear wax (marshmallows dipped in caramel) and

photo 2Zombie Eyeballs (chocolate discs on waffle pretzels with M&M’s and black gel).

photo 1(1)To complete my table, I made a candy corn and M&M’s flower centerpiece.

photo 2(1)DSC00280As a take home treat, I made homemade Play-doh for the kids. Unfortunately I totally forgot about the play-doh as the kids were having so much fun just playing together.

1e2f205d2b65d66dd73a4bf3e3238890Thanks for coming over, friends!

DSC00294 DSC00285

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you are soooooo talent xoxoxo

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