Halloween Party At School

Last year we missed our class Halloween party, so we were excited to be a part of it this year.

Every parent was asked to bring in a healthy treat. Instead of letting parents do the guess work, we were given a sign up list. Since I was busy prepping for two Halloween events prior to the day of class I chose a simple treat of Tangerine Jack-o-Lanterns.

IMG_1835We started class by decorating personalized Trick-or-Treat bags.

IMG_1846After we played for a bit, we lined up with Ms. D so that we can begin our Trick-or-Treat school hunt.


IMG_1856Candy was not given, but instead we received treats (stickers, plastic spiders and glitter tattoos) from four classrooms.


IMG_1868IMG_1874Our final stop was Sara’s classroom we where in last year! Aw we miss Ms. D!

IMG_1854After a few classroom visits we headed back to our classroom for circle time.

1385085_10202202299960965_1297997967_n 602874_10202202299560955_494979808_n IMG_1907A couple songs later and we were ready for snack time. Before heading over to the sink to wash our hands, Ms. D passes the bee over each kid so that they can say their name and hi to Ms. D. Since both Ms. D and Sarah were dressed as bees, it was extra special to say, “Hi” to the bee today!

IMG_1885IMG_1887IMG_1888Snack time was fun! I loved seeing all the interpretations each mom took with what we were supposed to make. While I sat next to Sarah, I couldn’t help but remember how we were given candy and salty snacks as treats. Now with obesity and diabetes on the rise the schools are more strict. Fruit and cheese it is.


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