Halloween {2014}

I love celebrating Halloween, but thanks to baby #2 I don’t have the same energy as I did in previous years.

Other then hanging a sign on our door, I just wasn’t in the mood to do anymore decorating. I’ve been super tired since the pregnancy so I’ve been sleeping a lot.

Same goes for making plans for the eve of Halloween. For the past 2 years we have had a few families over before Trick-or-Treating for dinner (more on that later) and drinks. I talked to a couple of people, but never made any concrete plans. Luckily our friends Sarah, Luke and Lydia understood our situation and were easy going with our plans.

 Halloween week started with our annual mommy group costume pictures at the park. Sarah dressed up as Anna from Frozen (like half the little girls in America!) Sarah has had her costume picked out since MARCH! I knew that Anna & Elsa costumes would sell out fast, so when she told me she wanted to be Anna shortly after her birthday, I bought her the dress.

IMG_2799 IMG_2876

She wore her costume for the second time at a friend’s Halloween party.

IMG_2977 IMG_2981

She wore her costume for the third time at Ballet.

IMG_3015 IMG_3016

She wore her costume for the fourth time at our mommy group Halloween Potluck.


I got to wear my “costume” too ;)


She wore her costume for the fifth time at her School’s Parade.

IMG_3150IMG_3152 IMG_3172

She wore her costume for the sixth and final time on Halloween when we went Trick-or-Treating with our friends.

IMG_3211 IMG_3217 IMG_3235

After two hours we called it quits. My back and legs were aching and I just wanted to sit down. Plus Sarah started to complain that her bucket was too heavy for her to carry (wimp!).

We had a lot’s of fun, but this preggo needed to rest.

Hope you had a fun & safe Halloween!

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[…] Halloween Playdate {2014} […]

[…] Halloween Play Date {2014} […]

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