Grilled Citrus Chicken Sandwiches

Please welcome my sweet friend, Sara as she shares her yummy summer recipe.

Grilled Citrus Chicken Sandwiches

Mama Chit Chat: Grilled Citrus Chicken Sandwiches

One of my favorite side effects of nice spring weather is frequently using our outdoor grill to prepare dinner. Over the weekend, we tend to gravitate toward sandwich style dinners, and usually prepare burgers. As much as I love a good burger, I wanted to branch out tonight. I decided to prepare grilled chicken breast sandwiches instead. Now, the problem with chicken breasts is that they taste like bland rubber unless prepared correctly. In theory, though, a chicken breast has a lot to offer; it adapts to most flavors, is lean and healthy, and is a relatively inexpensive protein… so my goal for the day was to create a dinner centering around the chicken breast that didn’t send me to the pantry for an after-dinner snack. The finished product was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. ;) My hubby and picky toddler agreed. Yay for the chicken breast!

Here’s what you’ll need to serve 4:

– 1 pound chicken breast cutlets or tenders, plus marinade (see “Step 1”)

– 4 brioche buns

– 4 slices swiss cheese

– 2 avocados

– good honey mustard (I modified the honey mustard recipe found here to give it my own twist. I added a couple tablespoons of hot mustard, for some spice. However, this is a great basic sauce on its own.)


Step 1: Prepare the chicken

Combine the following in a dish and refrigerate for several hours (I let it marinate for 5 hours, but a little more or less would be fine).

– 1 lb chicken breast cutlets or tenders

– 2-3 tbsp olive oil

– juice from ½ small lemon

– juice from 1 lime

– salt, pepper, thyme, and garlic powder to taste


Step 2: Prepare toppings

– Slice avocado and cheese

– Prepare honey mustard (or make beforehand – up to one week)

– Prepare buns (I cut them and placed them in the toaster oven so they’d toast while the chicken was resting)


Step 3: Grilling chicken

– Remove chicken from marinade and grill over medium high heat until cooked thoroughly, about three minutes per side. (Note: each piece of chicken is different, so this time may increase or decrease depending on size and thickness of the chicken.)


Step 4: Resting chicken, plus final touches

– Toast buns, and assemble

– My perfect assembly is as follows: bottom bun, honey mustard, chicken, swiss cheese, avocado, covered with the top bun, which also contains the honey mustard spread


Step 5: ENJOY! :)


* Optional Variations:

– If preparing a kosher meal, omit the cheese; then, add an alternate ingredient like a nice green (e.g. red leaf lettuce or arugula).

A little about Sara…

Hello, there! My name is Sara and I live in Southern California with my husband and son. We are expecting our baby girl sometime in June. I love all food, but my favorite is Italian – nothing beats a good pasta. When I am not taking care of my home and family, I like to enjoy the simple things – a quiet walk, getting lost in a good book, or delightful conversation with friends. Occasionally, I also like to write about my adventures in the kitchen at

A special thanks to Sharon for inviting me contribute to her fabulous blog. :)

Thank you Sara for the sweet words and for the yummy recipe! Can’t wait to check it out :)

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Looks and sounds delicious!!


Thank you, Stacee. :)

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