Get A Clue

Last fall I got casted as a contestant on the show, Get A clue. They asked me to invite 2 friends so that we could make a team of 3. I reached out to my besties Stacee and Nicole, we hopped on a Skype call and hoped for the best.

I totally froze on our call, but my besties did great!

A few weeks later we got the email that said we have been chosen to be on the show!

The next few weeks were super busy! Between sending them clothing options, shoe options, accessory options, filling out forms and FaceTime calls so we can practice for our show, we kept busy.

A few days before the show we were asked to get Covid tested. I waited for over 3.5 hours with my kids to get tested. We ordered UberEats, watched movies and called everyone we know. Ugh, what an awful process! The wait was horrible and the testing was intrusive, but we did it.

Then I get a call the night before we are scheduled to tape saying that my Covid results have still not come in. Oh no! They asked me to come in 3 hours before my taping time to get retested in their facility (since they can fast track it). Since I live over an hour away I had to leave my house at 7:30 am. I’m not a morning person so it was brutal!

After I got tested, I had a 3 hour waiting period. I went to Target, Starbucks and even the park for a 2 mile walk. During this time my 1st results came in and all my efforts were for none. Ugh!

Finally reunited with my friends, we went through security and made our way inside the building. It was so big! Think a huge warehouse with lots of clothing racks and tables lined up for each team to set their items. I even bumped into my friend Neda and her team!

We were given a cloth mask and a shield to wear. Since phones weren’t allowed in the building I’ll post some after the show photos below.

We met with wardrobe, did a practice round with casting, met with hair, and make up for a consultation, met with producers and ate lunch. Due to Covid everything had to be packaged and separated. We got these little Ziplock packs with make up that matched our skin tone. So exciting!

We were asked to practice again in front of producers, ate dinner and got show ready. Both meals were from Subway.

We entered the stage, got miced and our hair and make up touched up. We found our spots and began rolling!

Wow, what a rush!!! We did horrible the first few rounds, but thankfully we pulled through and beat the opposing team. Watch below!

Round 1 – Strut Your Stuff

We did horrible! We got no points this round!

Round 2 – Highly Profitable

I totally messed up on this word and read it as bread. Ugh, sorry Nic!

We didn’t do great this round either!!! We got only 2 right.

Round 3 – Jars and Away

I was in charge of giving all the clue and the girls had to keep on guessing.

We dominated this round and got each one right!

Round 4 – Duos

The word was Octave so I decided to belt out some opera!

Nicole and I knocked this round out of the park!!

Then it was time for our final round!

We stumbled, we passed too many times and well, we didn’t win the 10k.

I was so bummed!

However we did win $1000 for beating the other team! So much fun with my girls!! Go Mom Club!

Check our show Get A clue: Strut Your Stuff on Game Show Network at 1:30 pm (pacific time).

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