Gestational Diabetes Update

Now that I have had Gestational Diabetes for a over a month I thought it was time for an update.

I’m STILL really upset that I have GD.

It takes up a lot of my time, my families time and I have a lot of appointments to attend.

Between checking my blood levels 4 times a day, keeping a food journal, 2 insulin shots a day and checking in with my case manager every 3 days I’m just exhausted. My alarm is always reminding me to do something. I’m always checking the clock. Between eating 6 times a day and what the glucose meter reads I am on a constant emotional roller coaster.

I really just hate it all and can’t wait for it to be over!

After meeting with my case manager I was told I need to start biweekly non-stress tests in the hospital. 

After check in I walk into a big room with several other moms who are all waiting to get a room. Once in the room I lay in a bed while a nurse sets up my monitor.IMG_6033IMG_5899The whole process takes about an hour.

Since it’s early in the morning I bring my breakfast with me.IMG_5977Now that I have started to feel Braxton Hicks more often they added a counter to the routine. Every time I feel a BH I push the button.IMG_5902The reason I need to attend these mandatory tests is because when a mom has GD, a babies well being can be compromised. Thank g-d my baby is always super active (ouch!) and has a strong heartbeat.

So it should be no surprise that my favorite part of this routine is listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

Countdown to due date: 34 weeks (that means I have only 12 more tests to do!!)

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