First Mani!

In preparation for Passover Sarah and I headed to the nail salon for mani’s (and a pedi for me). I’ve been painting her nails at home for a while now, but now that she is such a big girl I thought it was the right time.

Before getting seated, we headed to the wall of nail polish and picked out our polish. Sarah picked a fluorescent pink and I picked a fluorescent orange.

I really wanted to get some pictures of Sarah up close, but the lady really wanted me to sit down. We kind of got there a few minutes before they closed.

photo 3(3) photo 2(3)

She sat so nicely! I was super impressed!! When I do her nails at home she’s not always patient. She’s usually squirmy towards the end. But this guy had her super engaged. I could hear them having a conversation. Like a little old lady telling the manicurist about her busy day. Loved it!

After a few minutes I asked my manicurist to please take a few close up pictures. I just needed some good photos and not the creepy zoom photos from across the room.

photo 1(3)mani 4mani 5 photo 2(5)

Of coarse the pictures were fuzzy and with her finger in every picture, but that’s okay. Because this experience will forever be in my memory.

photo 4(4)

Since Sarah finished before I did, her manicurist gave her a few Starburts to hold her over.

photo 5(3)

She kept looking at her nails and saying, “look I got polka dots!”

She patiently waited until I was done. I just needed a good pedi!

photo 1(4)

Sarah was so thrilled! And I was really happy to be able to spend this one on one time with her.

photo 4(3)

To many more mommy and daughter moments!

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Great, I am glade you enjoyed it. Xoxo

Michal ema Benson

That is so cool! Love it! Keep doing it while you can its a great moments. Love you both.

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