Discovery Cube LA

With both kids off for a long weekend I decided to take them on a little adventure. This time we checked out Discovery Cube’s newest exhibit, Hot Wheels.

Last time we went to Discovery Cube was in 2015 and the exhibit back then was Curious George. Hi, itty bitty Sarah!

My kids love Hot Wheels so they were really excited to see that exhibit first.

We raced die cast cars, spun cars in the tunnels and even got to change a tire in a mock pit crew!

So fun! My Winners!

We spotted a girl racer named Sarah! How cool!

Next up was the LA Kings Ice Skating room.

We bumped into my friend Cheryl and her family so we hung out with her for a bit.

It was a really cool exhibit! We played ice hockey on the projectors, created our own LA Kings uniforms, raced on the ice and played on the Zamboni.

We headed downstairs to my favorite section, the food area. Here we got to shop and scan the grocery store, sort through recycle, compost, electronics and waste.

We stopped by the Bean Sprouts cafe for a bite to eat. I love this cafe because it doesn’t just serve “kids” food but it serves wholesome food in a playful way.

After lunch we hung out and watched some shows. The Planetarium is my favorite!

The next area we checked out was the weather section.

Sarah had a blast in the tornado tunnel.

We ended the day with the environmentally friendly computer game on the iPads. Unfortunately most of the iPads were only 10% charged (due to the high demand) so we didn’t get to finish our game. Tip: Do this activity first to avoid low battery issues.

I had such a great time adventuring with my kiddos!

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What you need to know!

Hours 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Price: Buy online and save $5.

Adult: $15.95

Child (ages 3-14) $13.95

Parking is free and plentiful.

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