Dentist {2014}

Last August we took Sarah for her first visit to the dentist.

Sarah had such a good experience that she kept pretending she was “sick” so she could visit the dentist again. After repeatedly telling her that if she felt sick that we would need to go to the Doctor and not the dentist like she thinks. After a few months she finally understood. However every time we passed by the office (which was often, being that it was only 2 miles from our home and on the way to the freeway) she would ask me when could she go to the dentist next.

The day had finally come! This morning, the family went in for Sarah’s bi-annual check up.

On our last visit Sarah was given a flossing chart to be completed before her visit and in return she would receive $1. So a few days before her appointment, I had Sarah color her chart.

photo(8)In return we received a one dollar bill and this certificate.

certAfter picking out a toothbrush, floss and a polish flavor we headed to the chair. She got a pair of snazzy sunglasses and sat by herself in the chair. Such a big girl! As soon as the hygienist started putting on her examining gloves, Sarah asked if she could have some too. Without any hesitation the hygienist put them on Sarah hands too.

glovesThen it came time for the hygienist to count and polish her teeth.

counting teethAfter a few minutes it came time to admire Sarah’s sparkly teeth.

teeth mirror

While we met with the dentist we received the good news we had hoped for. It’s not easy brushing Sarah’s teeth every night, but we work hard (and struggle sometimes) so it was nice to hear that her teeth were clean and that her bite was fine for her age. However we were informed that the nap and night pacifier habit should end soon.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, please get in touch with me. This office is not only great, but patient, comforting and very nurturing with kids.

Until the next cleaning…

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