Choo Choo Birthday Party

After having a combined birthday party for Jacob’s 1st birthday, I knew I wanted to make his 2nd birthday party special.

The Theme

Jacob is big fan of all types of trains. From Thomas the Train to trolleys he loves anything that resemble a choo choo. Coming up with the theme was easy, Choo Choo I’m Two. 

The Venue

Jacob loves the park and going nad-nad (swinging in Hebrew) on the swing. There are a few parks by our house, but with different age groups attending the party we went for the park that had two different play structures. This way all ages can play.  The Decorations

Target, the best store ever, had everything we needed. We went with Thomas’ bold colors of red and blue.

The Food

I didn’t want to have to worry about delivery or picking up food. So we made a simple build your own pulled chicken sandwich station with potato salad and a green salad (oops I forgot to take any pictures).

  We also had snacks and fruit traffic signals skewers to munch on. The Cake

I ordered cupcakes form the bakery in our grocery store (love their stuff!) and arranged the cupcakes into a number two.Activities

Hubby and grandpa made a duct tape train track. Jacob loved riding his Thomas on the track.  Sister, Sarah, enjoyed it too!We also had a train track taped to a table so the kids can play with different size trains.The Outfit

A mama friend at Stitches in the Sun made Jacob’s special birthday shirt. It was bright, colorful and had a choo choo. Jacob was a big fan!The Favors

To go with the train theme, each kid got a train conductor hat and a scarf.Jacob however was not interested in either piece. :( Luckily big sister, Sarah and some friends were.

Thank you to everyone who made his birthday a special day.

Happy 2nd birthday to my little guy!

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