Las Vegas {2014}

Being a stay at home mom I don’t get a lot of time to myself. So for the past few years, I’ve gone away for a day or two during the summer. The first year my sister and I went on a sisters only trip to Palm Springs. The following […]

Jackie’s Visit {2014}

I recently had my mom, aunt Jackie and her friend Sara visit us. I don’t get to see my aunt often as she lives in Israel. Last time I saw her was 3 years ago when hubby and I went to Israel for our 2 year anniversary. Since she has […]

Oshrat’s Visit {2013}

There is something peaceful about having your family come to visit. I can’t put my feelings into words, but everything just feels right. Things makes sense. It’s like I feel complete. Sure my family and I argue from time to time, but we always make up. Family is everything to […]

Florida Vacation {2013}

Sarah and I just returned from our annual trip to Florida. When she was a baby we would go a couple times a year, but now that I have to pay for her plane ticket we only go once a year. Our trip consisted of 10 days, 2 Jewish holidays […]

Florida Vacation {2012}

I recently flew with Sarah for our bi-annual trip to Florida. I always have mixed emotions when visiting. As the date nears, I get excited to see my family and friends, yet feel anxious! I hate packing, whether it’s for the weekend or an extended stay! I never know how […]

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