Cards For Hospitalized Kids

While preparing for Valentine’s Day with my kids I came across a really creative blog post. Andrea, a favorite blogger of mine, sends Valentine’s cards to hospitalized kids. Just like our kids receive cards so should kids in the hospital. I thought it was such a beautiful way to bring some cheer into someones life.

We printed these templates and got started. 

 After we finished I decided we needed to send more cards! And lot’s of cards!

I printed more templates and shared it with our neighborhood friends. I absolutely loved creating cards with my neighbors!!! These cards were made by different ages, different religions, different reading and writing skills yet we all came together and sent over 3 dozen cards to hospitalized kids.

I really really love this idea and plan to send cards to hospitalized kids a few times a year. It’s hard finding things for young kids to volunteer. By sending these cards we can hopefully put a smile on a little kids face.

For more information, please check out their Facebook page here.

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