Camp Mommy {2014}

With only 3 weeks left of school, our summer plans are in full affect.

Being a stay at home mama I wasn’t interested in sending Sarah to a summer camp. After a conversation with Sarah’s teacher last year and a little Pinterest search, I organized Camp Mommy for our mommy group last summer.

I started with this plan and customized it to fit our needs.

It looked something like this…

Make Monday: The mamas took turn hosting crafting play dates. We made a lot of great art projects that I’ve actually hung in my home.

Mama Chit Chat: Camp Mommy Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyFor more ideas and recipes, please visit my Pinterest page.

Toon Tuesday: Free weekly kids movies at our local movie theater. This was a great introduction to the movie theater experience. Not only was it filled with kids, it is also understood when kids were up and running around. We never made it through a whole movie, but that’s okay, it was free!

Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyWater Wednesday: We met at places like the beach, pool and splash pad. With high temperatures during summer a water day was a must!

Mama Chit Chat: Camp Mommy

Trip Thursday: Trips like Zoos, Museums, Science Center, Aquariums, Art studio and more.

Mama Chit Chat: Camp Mommy This summer, Camp Mommy is being organized with the help of the organizers of the group.

Between being more mature and having a later nap time, I think Sarah will be even more into all the activities. We might even make it through a whole movie!

Looking forward to a fun filled summer with our mommy friends!

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