Bumpdate: 8 Months

10981736_10155317896980571_2740802331016540573_nHow far along: Week 32/8 Months

Baby is as big as a: Head of lettuce (19 in, 3.9 lbs)

Movement: Tons of jabs and kicks. Kicks are super strong! Sometimes they are so strong I get startled.

What I miss: WINE! I know a few moms that have a sip here and there, but I don’t like the temptation so I rather not have just a sip. 

Cravings: None unfortunately. I recently found out I have gestational diabetes :(

Aversions: Fish (again!)

Symptoms: I’m might be having Braxton Hicks contractions, but not entirely sure. It’s also hard to breath at times.

Countdown: 8 weeks!!

Gender: Not finding out!

Milestones/What’s Going On: It’s getting harder to put my shoes on and shave.

I’m very bummed that I have gestational diabetes. After my second glucose test at 29 weeks I was 3 points above the normal range. Between sticking to a diet plan, keeping a food journal, pricking my finger 4 times a day, and twice daily insulin shots it’s a lot of work. I also don’t like to force myself to eat. I like eating when I’m hungry rather then eating when my schedule says so.

A couple weeks ago I had my Baby Sprinkle. See more about my special day here.IMG_1380Where has the bump been: Monthly pictures of my baby bump at random places.

29 weeks at the beach.IMG_5374Lounging around with Sarah while we look at Sarah’s baby pics. IMG_5613

This Sunday are my maternity pictures. Eeek I’m so excited!

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