Mani/Pedi Age?

What age do you think is appropriate to paint your daughters nails? 5, 10, 16 years old?? Ever since Sarah was born, I’ve been dreaming of the day we would have a spa day! I know I’m crazy! After all I didn’t get my nails done until I was 12 […]


I used to think I needed quantity; now I’m a firm believer in quality (of friendships, that is). I’m the kind of person who can make a friend anywhere. For example, I once saw a girl in the restroom whose hair I really admired. I went over to her and […]



I like most social media, but I really love Pinterest! I’d like to think of myself as an organized person (hubby thinks I have OCD) and Pinterest makes me feel and think in an organized way. I like Pinterest because you can put things like recipes into virtual file folders. […]



Hi! My name is Sharon and I’m a stay-at-home mom to a fun-loving little girl and a hardworking husband. I love being a mom, cooking, eating and entertaining! In my free time, I watch reality TV and surf Pinterest for new recipes and craft ideas. While I was pregnant with Sarah […]

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