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What’s Up Wednesday {January 2018}

I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Monday: Zucchini poppers, pasta and sauce Tuesday: We had friends over for Tu Bishvat sederWednesday: Sweet potato pad thai Thursday: Leftovers/Pizza

Friday: Out – Shabbat Club

What I’m reminiscing about…

What I’m loving…

My TuBishvat centerpiece! It was so simple and so much fun to put together.

 What we’ve been up to…

Trusting a sitter to watch our kids is very hard for me. However hubby and I need to get out and have some adult conversations every so often. So when our sitter started a new job she was no longer available. After searching for a few months I am happy to report that we found a babysitter! It was a long process, but she’s watched the kids once this past month and all went well. Can’t wait to plan more outings with hubby. What I’m dreading…

Potty training Jacob. He will be 3 in April and it’s kinda sorta time, but ugh! I really don’t like this part of parenting.

See my potty training system here.

What I’m working on…

Cleaning out every corner and every hole! I’m going through a major haul over here. I have the women’s shelter pick up my big loads, but have recently heard about Give Back Box. You request a label on their site and then print it at home. See more here.

What I’m excited about…

Visiting my friend Melissa next month! She’s celebrating her 40th so we are all flying in for the celebration. What I’m watching/reading…

Housewives of NY, Fixer Upper, SHark Tank, This is Us anddddd Vanderpump Rules! Can.get.enough!!What I’m listening to…

Never Be The Same by Camila Cabello

What I’m wearing…

The weather is so flippy floppy that one day I’m wearing scarves and boots and the next day I’m wishing my legs were shaved so I can wear shorts. Oh So Cal!

What I’m doing this weekend…

We have a birthday party to attend and going to our friends house for Superbowl. What I’m looking forward to next month…

Celebrating Valentine’s Day and Purim. We still don’t have our costume, but we are looking at options. This is what we did the last few years.

Incredibles in 2017Superheroes in 2016American Indians in 2015Minions and Gru in 2014What else is new…

I’m proud to say that I completed my 2nd round of Whole 30 a few days ago. It was hard, but I did it! Here are some of my favorite recipes. Question of the month is: What’s your favorite soup recipe?

My crock pot chicken noodle soup! Yum! Recipe can be found here. Happy Wednesday!

How We {January}

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything for their monthly series called, How We… This month we are talking about goals and resolutions.

I’m not the kind of girl that makes New Year resolutions, instead I make monthly goals. I have a never ending to do list on my fridge, in my phone and in my planner.

I also have daily goals that I try to meet.

I also have other goals like a summer bucket list and a fall bucket list.Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer Bucket List 2015

Fall Bucket List 2017

How do you stay organized through out the year? Please share below.

Color Inspiration {December 2017}

I’m linking up with my friend, Whitney for our monthly Color Inspiration.

If you blogged too make sure you link up at the bottom of the post!

This month we are talking all things SILVER.


Ahhh my sister is engaged! This might be my favorite SILVER this month! TWO

I got this super cute candle for my birthday this year. I love the SILVER tag and the Hebrew message. THREE

Sarah picked up this SILVERlicious book from the school library this month. We love the Pinkalicious series!


The sky has been grey/SILVER here in So Cal from all the fires :( FIVE

Visiting the senior home is our favorite. These SILVER haired ladies love our visits.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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What’s Up Wednesday {October 2017}

I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Monday – Salmon patties and carrot fries

Tuesday – Leftover Shabbat stew

Wednesday – MNO with the girls so I’m eating out and hubby is ordering food.

Thursday – Burger and roasted veggies.

Friday – Crock pot lemon chicken, cous cous and sweet potato souffle.

Saturday and Sunday – out

What I’m reminiscing about…

Spending time with little Sarah at mommy and me. It feels like just yesterday we were doing all the things Jacob and I are doing at mommy and me.

20132017What I’m loving…

Spending time Sarah. We’ve having some great mommy and me date nights while we hit the bat-mitzvah circuit.

What we’ve been up to…

The kiddos have already got to wear their Halloween costume a couple times this week. Sarah is Kooky cookie from Shopkins and Jacob is trash truck.

What I’m dreading…

Looking for a new babysitter. Our babysitter got a job and is no longer available to watch the kids. It took J a long time to trust our sitter so I’m worried it’s going to take a long time once again.

What I’m working on…

Self care. It’s so so hard for me to take care of my self. Sure I take the time to go out with my girlfriends here and there but scheduling an appointment for myslef or getting things done for myself has become so hard. I have waves where I take care of my self and then months go by and I haven’t done anything for myself. I’m realty going to try and make those appointments, not cancel them when kids stuff come up and take care of me.

What I’m excited about…

Getting all fancy and wearing these shoes for my sister’s wedding. What I’m watching/reading…

Hubby and I look forward to Thursday nights!

What I’m listening to…

Wolves by Selena Gomez and MarshmelloWhat I’m wearing… I’m loving my new prAna pieces! You can too by using my code MMSKF17 for 15% off your total order. Click here for more info.

What I’m doing this weekend…

Boo-ing neighbors, attending a few Halloween events and carving pumpkins.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

My sister’s wedding!!!!!! Ahhhh I can’t wait!What else is new…

I am loving my laser cut pumpkin I ordreed a few weeks ago. I’m thinking of painting it, but not sure if I should just leave as is. Thought? Question of the month is: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. There I said it.

 I find the food boring and bland. But if I had to pick something it would be the stuffing. I love the endless possibilities.Happy Wednesday!

Color Inspiration {October 2017}

I’m linking up with my friend, Whitney for our monthly Color Inspiration.

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This month we are talking all things BLACK.


I’m a big fan of hats! I wear them to cover up a messy hair day, it blocks the fun and because I think they are cute. My favorite summer hat is an all BLACK baseball hat from here. I also like wearing a BLACK wide brim hat in the winter from here.


I’m not much of a make up person, but if I’m going to wear any kind of make up it’s going to be mascara. I usually buy BLACK and switch off between a few brands. Currently I’m using Revlon Dramatic Definition.


We went to the outlets last week for shoes and I stumbled upon this super cute BLACK bag.


I really love a mask after a long day. I don’t get to do it often, but when I do I really enjoy it. Recently I tried the charcoal masks. Its super weird at first. It looks like BLACK paint, but feel so good on. Happy Thursday, friends!

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What’s Up Wednesday {April 2017}

 I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

  1. What we’re eating this week…

Monday – Chicken and roasted brussel sprouts  Tuesday – I had a long day so I made the kids mac & cheese.

Wednesday – I went out so hubby made the kids breakfast.

Thursday – Pasta and meat sauce.Friday – Fajita’s

Saturday – Out

Sunday – Leftovers/out

2. What I’m reminiscing about…

Taking Sarah and Jacob on their first trip to Disneyland.

See more pics here.

3. What I’m loving…

These burritos are a perfect substitute when I’m running behind, but need to eat.

4. What we’ve been up to…

Sarah is prepping for her ballet recital, Jacob is going through a bad case of the terrible two’s, hubby is working and I am knee deep into cleaning. If we haven’t used/wore/played with it it’s going bye bye. It’s so much better when things are open and out of the house.

5. What I’m dreading…

My sweet sweet sister is thin and so is my other sister, cousins, and her friends. So she got us each this lovely and super cute suit to wear at her bachlorette. It’s nice and all but my butt is not going to fit in that little suit. 6. What I’m working on…

Making photo books for Sarah’s birthday, Jacob’s birthday and our Disneyland trip. We love going back and looking at all the memories.

7. What I’m excited about…

Visiting the Ice Cream Museum! We bought tickets and have started a countdown. Can’t wait to play in a pool full of sprinkles!! 8. What I’m watching/reading…

I love me some Southern Charm!

I don’t like Landon though! I secretly wish I was living in the south.

9. What I’m listening to…

Lot’s of country in the hopes it takes me back to the best girls weekend ever!10. What I’m wearing…

I showed up to Mommy and Me the other day to find my friend and I in almost the same exact outfit. #greatmindscardigan // dress // necklace // sandals

11. What I’m doing this weekend…

I am attending a make and take oil class, Sarah has a classmates birthday party and lot’s of pool time in between.

12.What I’m looking forward to next month…

Sarah finishing her first year in elementary school. Not to long ago she was a Preschool graduate!13.What else is new…

We are gearing up for summer. Sarah will be going to a new summer camp half of the summer and the rest of the time we are hoping to squeeze in some day trips with the family.

14. Question of the month is: What is your favorite spring/summer shoe?

These sandals are fun (love the mini pom poms), easy to wear and come in a few different colors. Happy Wednesday!

Let’s Talk: Entertainment

let's talkThis month we are talking about…Entertainment.


Hubby and I have a few favorites:431311maxresdefault19738shark-tank-s2-2560x1450_1280x725_331982403718

Then I alternate seasons between these two shows:thevoice-ipad-1600x900-kodwts-logo-11I also watch all of the Housewives franchise.quote-i-m-very-obsessed-with-the-real-housewives-franchise-it-s-a-bad-obsession-vanessa-marano-101-84-72New Shows:

With so many shows already we didn’t plan on watching any new shows, but after watching This Is Us how can we not.nbc-this-is-us-aboutimage-1920x1080-koWhat are you watching? Are we missing anything we should watch?


Thanks to my friend, Jen, I am listening to my girl Britney’s new CD. I’m not totally in love, but I have a few favorites. Still can’t believe I got to see her live in Vegas!rs-britney-spears-02-90fcf908-1624-47a4-a67f-1145963afaffI’m also listening to a lot of Blink182 lately. My sister, her boyfriend and I are going to see them play this weekend. Can’t wait!1uw4zpfb3cphqfekhkd8caqTo see previous posts click below:

Fall Favorites
School Days



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