My journey through mamahood.

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Jacob is 3!

My little man is 3 years old! He’s sweet, gentle, kind, likes playing with anything with wheels and gives the best hugs! Randomly through out the day he will run up to us to tell us he loves us and then gives us a kiss. He is just the sweetest little toddler! Anytime daddy fixes …


Jacob is 18 Months Old

Just like that my baby is 18 months old!  Jacob’s 18 month old stats: Weight: 21 lbs 5 oz (13%) Height: 32.5 inches (50%) Clothing Size: 12-18 months and some 18-24 months Diaper Size: size 4 Food: Drinks milk from a sippy cup 2x a day. One time when he wakes up and before bed. …

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