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Halloween Playdate {2018}

Every year Sarah invites a handful of friends over for a Halloween Costume Playdate. This year she invited a few classmates from school.

We made an invite and created a menu.

Unfortunately I was in party mode and only remembered to take a few pictures of the party food.

We decided to split Sarah’s friend and their siblings into two tables. That way Sarah can host her friends and Jacob can host the siblings. I love place cards, but with such a casual setting it was necessary so Sarah wrote everyone’s name on their goody bag and we used that to mark their spot.   

We also made mummy juice boxes with silly faces.

Since it was lunch time the kids got to make individual mummy pizzas. I set out English muffins, sauce, olives and string cheese. 

After lunch we made edible spiders (pretzels and giant marshmallows).

Next we decorated pumpkin shaped cookies.

We took a little food break and went outside to play. The moms even got in on the action!

The kids also played pin the nose on the witch.

We ended the afternoon with a little nail salon station so Sarah could paint her friends nails.

Thank you to our sweet friends for the fun afternoon! 

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Halloween {2016}

I always enjoyed celebrating Halloween, but now that I have kids it’s a lot more fun!

ONE – We started the celebrations with a costume play date with our preschool friends.img_2774   img_2800 img_2803 img_2805img_2833img_2804img_2819img_2820  img_2812 img_2818   img_2822img_2832 img_2830   img_2842img_2853 img_2854 img_2860-fav

TWO – Next up was a potluck party in Jacob’s mommy and me class. We brought boo cheese!img_2875 img_2931 img_2922-fav

THIRD – A Halloween party at Sarah’s ballet studio.img_2806

FOURTH – Halloween potluck play date with our mommy group. We brought cauldron cupcakes (recipe can be found here). img_3524 img_3537-fav 14716066_10210335562493020_2798010522193386421_n

FIFTH – Halloween family costume party at Taylor’s home. img_2949-favimg_2985-fav img_2982 img_2993-fav img_2999-fav img_3013 img_3020-fav img_3043-fav img_3594 img_3051img_3036img_3038-copy

SIXTH – Sarah’s class parade.img_3052 img_3090 img_3119 img_3128 img_3133 img_3137

SEVENTH – Breakfast at IHOP with the family for spooky pancakes.img_5313

EIGHT – Carving pumpkins & s’mores with the neighbors.img_3583 img_3603Ninth – Trick or Treat.img_3670img_3696 img_3676 img_3679img_5321img_5323They even had a professional photographer at one of the houses.  professional  What a fun week! I feel like we celebrated Halloween all month long.

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Halloween {2015}

We had a busy Halloween week this year. Sarah got to wear her costume 6 times before Halloween even started! Our theme this year was from the movie, Minions.


If you know Sarah personally you’d know she is obsessed with those yellow and blue guys. Even though we already dressed as the characters from the movie, Despicable Me, for Purim in 2013, she insisted we do it again! I didn’t feel like getting dressed up this year, but I bought the kiddos their costume and hubby still had his. A week before Halloween, Sarah asked me to dress up like the character Scarlet Overkill. With my new haircut and a quick visit to TJ Maxx I came up with my interpretation of Sandra Bullock’s character.

I had my first opportunity to dress as Scarlet at Amy’s party. IMG_1496Next up was a Trick-or-Treat event at our local Target. IMG_1506Sarah loved running around her favorite store for candy!

Later that day we went to a party at Taylor’s house.IMG_1574A couple days later we had professional pictures of the kids at the park. A mom posted a deal on FB that she was taking pictures of kids dressed in costumes. Being that it was Jacob’s first Halloween I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.sarah and jacob - full resAfter nap one afternoon I put on Jacob’s Halloween bib that read, My First Boo.IMG_1825I also put him in his little pumpkin shoes.

Our next event was the annual group photo shoot and potluck.12193687_10156166659660075_5437077976933190318_n IMG_1693It’s so cute seeing all the siblings this year!

Both kiddos had their class dress up day.IMG_1778 IMG_1659After our busy week I hosted Spooky Shabbat.IMG_1791  We ended our week with a potluck and Trick-or-Treating with friends on Halloween. IMG_1855IMG_1852Happy Halloween!

Halloween {2014}

I love celebrating Halloween, but thanks to baby #2 I don’t have the same energy as I did in previous years.

Other then hanging a sign on our door, I just wasn’t in the mood to do anymore decorating. I’ve been super tired since the pregnancy so I’ve been sleeping a lot.

Same goes for making plans for the eve of Halloween. For the past 2 years we have had a few families over before Trick-or-Treating for dinner (more on that later) and drinks. I talked to a couple of people, but never made any concrete plans. Luckily our friends Sarah, Luke and Lydia understood our situation and were easy going with our plans.

 Halloween week started with our annual mommy group costume pictures at the park. Sarah dressed up as Anna from Frozen (like half the little girls in America!) Sarah has had her costume picked out since MARCH! I knew that Anna & Elsa costumes would sell out fast, so when she told me she wanted to be Anna shortly after her birthday, I bought her the dress.

IMG_2799 IMG_2876

She wore her costume for the second time at a friend’s Halloween party.

IMG_2977 IMG_2981

She wore her costume for the third time at Ballet.

IMG_3015 IMG_3016

She wore her costume for the fourth time at our mommy group Halloween Potluck.


I got to wear my “costume” too ;)


She wore her costume for the fifth time at her School’s Parade.

IMG_3150IMG_3152 IMG_3172

She wore her costume for the sixth and final time on Halloween when we went Trick-or-Treating with our friends.

IMG_3211 IMG_3217 IMG_3235

After two hours we called it quits. My back and legs were aching and I just wanted to sit down. Plus Sarah started to complain that her bucket was too heavy for her to carry (wimp!).

We had a lot’s of fun, but this preggo needed to rest.

Hope you had a fun & safe Halloween!


Halloween Party At School

Last year we missed our class Halloween party, so we were excited to be a part of it this year.

Every parent was asked to bring in a healthy treat. Instead of letting parents do the guess work, we were given a sign up list. Since I was busy prepping for two Halloween events prior to the day of class I chose a simple treat of Tangerine Jack-o-Lanterns.

IMG_1835We started class by decorating personalized Trick-or-Treat bags.

IMG_1846After we played for a bit, we lined up with Ms. D so that we can begin our Trick-or-Treat school hunt.


IMG_1856Candy was not given, but instead we received treats (stickers, plastic spiders and glitter tattoos) from four classrooms.


IMG_1868IMG_1874Our final stop was Sara’s classroom we where in last year! Aw we miss Ms. D!

IMG_1854After a few classroom visits we headed back to our classroom for circle time.

1385085_10202202299960965_1297997967_n 602874_10202202299560955_494979808_n IMG_1907A couple songs later and we were ready for snack time. Before heading over to the sink to wash our hands, Ms. D passes the bee over each kid so that they can say their name and hi to Ms. D. Since both Ms. D and Sarah were dressed as bees, it was extra special to say, “Hi” to the bee today!

IMG_1885IMG_1887IMG_1888Snack time was fun! I loved seeing all the interpretations each mom took with what we were supposed to make. While I sat next to Sarah, I couldn’t help but remember how we were given candy and salty snacks as treats. Now with obesity and diabetes on the rise the schools are more strict. Fruit and cheese it is.


Halloween {2013}

Last year we celebrated Halloween in Florida, although a lot of fun, I was excited about celebrating it this year at home with our friends.

Two weeks before Halloween, we attended the annual mommy group Halloween photo shoot.

1381306_534600909959119_1003176831_nUnfortunately many mamas could not attend :(

IMG_1591IMG_1569A week before Halloween, we had friends over for a Halloween play date.

DSC00294The day of Halloween Sarah dressed up in her costume once again for our Halloween class party.

IMG_1844For the 4th and final time, Sarah and her friends dressed up for a Halloween party at our place.

IMG_1969 IMG_1981I once again turned to Pinterest for some fun and spooky treats for our Halloween party.

IMG_1931IMG_1914My menu consisted of 9 dishes/recipes.

To start the night off I made two drinks. One drink was a simple mixture of cranberry juice and ginger-ale. To make it spooky I placed water in a brain mold, added “worms” and put it in the freezer overnight.

IMG_1924My second drink was called Pina-Goulada. It consisted of pineapple juice, coconut water and white rum.

IMG_1928The food included; Graveyard Dip, Baked Mac & Cheese, Witches Hair Casserole, Monster Eyes (I had a ton of things left over from the play date that i made a bunch more), Cantaloupe and Blackberry Fruit Skewers, Jack-o-Lantern Tangerines, and Ghost String Cheese.

IMG_1920IMG_1908IMG_1913To complete the table my friends Sarah brought a scrumptious salad and a delicious soup to share. Nicole brought yummy caramel apple cookies!

I once again made homemade Pumpkin Spice play-doh for the kids to take home.

IMG_1921After about an hour and a half we decided to call it quits as it was getting really cold (55 degrees) and too dark for our not yet 3 years olds.

It was one of the best Halloween’s yet!
Hope you had a fun & safe Halloween!

Halloween Playdate

I love celebrating Halloween. I love all the spooky food, the costumes, the parties and the decorations. I love it all!

Still not sure of our Trick-or-Treat plans, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to host a Halloween party.

I invited a couple of my friends and their kids (who get together on a weekly basis) over for a Halloween play date.

The invitation was made online and sent through email.

inviteThen I went on my Halloween Pinterest board and started planning our play date.

I started prepping for our play date with the help of my sidekick (who couldn’t stop talking about the “Halloween party” for days leading up to the party.) One afternoon Sarah and I worked on the centerpiece. Even though a lot of the candy made it to the floor, she was happy to help. And the best part, I got 20 uninterrupted minutes to work in the kitchen! Ahhh

photo(2)Another morning was spent putting up decorations.


photo(3)I underestimated how much time each dish would take as there were a lot of details. Somehow I managed to make all eight dishes during one nap time. Let’s just say I was really happy when Sarah decided to take a two-hour nap (it’s been an hour long all week), as I needed every minute of that time. Fortunately, I finished on time and the food turned out really yummy!

My menu included the following:

Mummy Pizzas (English muffins, pasta sauce, string cheese and black olives),

photo(1)Frankenstein Guacamole (homemade guacamole, sour cream, sliced olives and blue tortilla chips),

photo 3(1)Candy Corn Drink (lemon/mango jello, orange soda and whipped cream),

photo 3(2)Not to self: do not over fill pitcher! Since there was no room to mix the drink, we had a “potion” erupt.

candy corn overflowFrankenstein Pudding (vanilla pudding dyed green with crumbled Oreos),

photo 1(2)Bloody Band-Aids (graham crackers, vanilla frosting and raspberry preserves),

photo 1photo 3Witches Brooms (pretzel sticks inside Reese’s peanut butter cups),

photo 4Ear wax (marshmallows dipped in caramel) and

photo 2Zombie Eyeballs (chocolate discs on waffle pretzels with M&M’s and black gel).

photo 1(1)To complete my table, I made a candy corn and M&M’s flower centerpiece.

photo 2(1)DSC00280As a take home treat, I made homemade Play-doh for the kids. Unfortunately I totally forgot about the play-doh as the kids were having so much fun just playing together.

1e2f205d2b65d66dd73a4bf3e3238890Thanks for coming over, friends!

DSC00294 DSC00285

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