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Halloween Playdate {2018}

Every year Sarah invites a handful of friends over for a Halloween Costume Playdate. This year she invited a few classmates from school.

We made an invite and created a menu.

Unfortunately I was in party mode and only remembered to take a few pictures of the party food.

We decided to split Sarah’s friend and their siblings into two tables. That way Sarah can host her friends and Jacob can host the siblings. I love place cards, but with such a casual setting it was necessary so Sarah wrote everyone’s name on their goody bag and we used that to mark their spot.   

We also made mummy juice boxes with silly faces.

Since it was lunch time the kids got to make individual mummy pizzas. I set out English muffins, sauce, olives and string cheese. 

After lunch we made edible spiders (pretzels and giant marshmallows).

Next we decorated pumpkin shaped cookies.

We took a little food break and went outside to play. The moms even got in on the action!

The kids also played pin the nose on the witch.

We ended the afternoon with a little nail salon station so Sarah could paint her friends nails.

Thank you to our sweet friends for the fun afternoon! 

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Halloween {2013}

Last year we celebrated Halloween in Florida, although a lot of fun, I was excited about celebrating it this year at home with our friends.

Two weeks before Halloween, we attended the annual mommy group Halloween photo shoot.

1381306_534600909959119_1003176831_nUnfortunately many mamas could not attend :(

IMG_1591IMG_1569A week before Halloween, we had friends over for a Halloween play date.

DSC00294The day of Halloween Sarah dressed up in her costume once again for our Halloween class party.

IMG_1844For the 4th and final time, Sarah and her friends dressed up for a Halloween party at our place.

IMG_1969 IMG_1981I once again turned to Pinterest for some fun and spooky treats for our Halloween party.

IMG_1931IMG_1914My menu consisted of 9 dishes/recipes.

To start the night off I made two drinks. One drink was a simple mixture of cranberry juice and ginger-ale. To make it spooky I placed water in a brain mold, added “worms” and put it in the freezer overnight.

IMG_1924My second drink was called Pina-Goulada. It consisted of pineapple juice, coconut water and white rum.

IMG_1928The food included; Graveyard Dip, Baked Mac & Cheese, Witches Hair Casserole, Monster Eyes (I had a ton of things left over from the play date that i made a bunch more), Cantaloupe and Blackberry Fruit Skewers, Jack-o-Lantern Tangerines, and Ghost String Cheese.

IMG_1920IMG_1908IMG_1913To complete the table my friends Sarah brought a scrumptious salad and a delicious soup to share. Nicole brought yummy caramel apple cookies!

I once again made homemade Pumpkin Spice play-doh for the kids to take home.

IMG_1921After about an hour and a half we decided to call it quits as it was getting really cold (55 degrees) and too dark for our not yet 3 years olds.

It was one of the best Halloween’s yet!
Hope you had a fun & safe Halloween!

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