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Las Vegas (2018)

Since Sarah’s school gets out about 3 weeks before the rest of the schools in our area we packed up the kids and headed to Las Vegas!

Day 1

Our first stop is always the Alien Jerky place. The store itself is one large saucer while different shapes and sizes of aliens line the property. My kids love checking out the bugged eye creatures. Who knew?!Tip: We always leave the kids in their jammies and change in the last rest stop. That way kids in comfy clothes can nap easily. Coincidentally my sister and her fiance were in town the day before. We met up, checked in to our hotel and headed to the pool. This time we stayed at the MGM Grand. We are big fans of a lazy river and this hotel is known for their pools.We washed up and got ready to hit the strip. Right before we left my sister asked the kiddos if they would be a part of their wedding. How cute?!!There is something so amazing about the strip. Being able to walk everywhere, seeing all the sights, the plethora of food choices. I love it! My sister and her fiance!My lovely family!For dinner we went to Tournament of Kings. Each person gets a hearty 3 course meal using the original utensil – their hands. Tip: you can ask for silverware, but the kids thought it was so cool to use their hands. Dinner was a cornish hen, potatoes, roll, broccoli, and soup. Included is unlimited soda refills. A choice of dessert come the last 15 minutes of the show. We were so excited! Each section of the theater was placed in a team. Our team was Russia. So we cheered for the purple horse.  The kids were entertained the whole time!!! The show had so much going on. One minute there’s dancing, horse jousting and even fire. What a fun show!

We walked around a bit and then called it a night.Day 2

We woke up and headed to Paris hotel for breakfast.Kids playing with the jam packets while we wait for our food.Fun fact: The first time I went to Vegas was also on a family vacation and we stayed in the Paris hotel. Somehow my sister found this picture if us, so we thought it was only natural to recreate it. We walked around the strip for a bit. We love walking in and out of hotels. For lunch we stopped by Taco Bell and got icees. Love me some sister time! Our next stop was another favorite, the M&M World. After each kid picked a treat we headed upstairs to see the 3D movie. It was getting really hot so went back to our hotel to swim. Since my sister was in town, hubby and I took advantage of this time and went on a date night. We went to Craftsteak for two reasons. One it was downstairs in our hotel so it was super easy and convenient. Two I love watching Tom Colicchio on Top Chef and have been wanting to check out his restaurant in LA. We are SO glad we did! We had the most amazing meal ever!! Can’t wait to go back! Here is what our desert looked like.While we were at dinner, Osh and Matt took the kids to dinner and walk around. So thankful to have family that loves on my kids.

Osh and Matt had a flight later that night, so we parted ways. Can’t believe she’s going to be a bride soon!We got ready for bed and called it a night. Day 3

Like most mornings we walked downstairs in our PJ’s to get coffee and a snack. Tip: I packed the kids cereal and milk boxes for their breakfast as they like to eat when they wake up.We cleaned up, watched cartoons and mapped out our day.Back at the pool and in that lazy river. Bliss! Funny story, while driving to Vegas, hubby realized he forgot his sunglasses. A quick order on Amazon and it arrived to our hotel just in time. My sweet hubby even got me a pair. Me and my little man.J needed a nap so hubby took him upstairs while Sarah and I had mommy daughter time.We spent most of the day in the pool and then showered and got ready for the evening.

We checked out the Hershey’s Chocolate World store in NYNY hotel, The Tipsy Robot bar in Miracle Mile Shops and walked around MGM Grand for a bit. Day 4

After going on our usual Starbucks run the kids wanted pancakes. Since we are not morning people and it would take us longer to get ready then to head over to a restaurant we Uber Eats a pancake breakfast for each person (sorry this picture is after we ate). One last swim before we have to check out. We packed up and headed to our final destination, The Pinball Museum. Back on the road and back to reality. Looks like one of us couldn’t hang. Love these family trips!

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Lake Arrowhead {2017}

Hubby, the kids and I woke up early New Year’s Day for a little day trip to Lake Arrowhead.

The last time we went to play in the snow, Sarah was almost 4 years old. See more pictures here.

Packed and ready for our road trip!Going up the mountain was super foggy. However once we got up the mountain it was absolutely beautiful out.After some air (I got super car sick on the way there AND back) we sat down for brunch at Belgian Waffle Works.

(A must eat place if you go to the village!) We walked around a bit, checked out the shops and fed the birds.

At first, Jacob didn’t know what to do with it.He quickly learned how fun snow is!Luckily, big sis remembered and was ready to play. Snow ball fight!!Hubby grew up going to Lake Arrowhead. He did things like feeding the ducks and/or birds McDonald’s french fries. The kids loved the idea! They loved it so much they even snuck a few into their mouths. It was really windy and chilly (high 30’s). We headed back to the car, warmed up and looked for a good spot to go sledding. We loved looking at all the snow covered trees. We drove by the same the spot we had visited before and decided stop here again.   Jacob wasn’t a huge fan of sledding or any of the hills.But Sarah was! At one point she just slid on her tummy.  I put the camera down for the rest of the trip and just enjoyed playing in the snow. 

We had so much fun!

We played until it got dark and then headed home.

It was freezing and we knew there was going to be some of traffic.Goodbye Arrowhead! Until next time.

Cruise {2015}

A couple weeks ago we decided it would be fun to take the kids on a cruise during their holiday break. After talking about it some more we realized taking an 8 and 1/2 month old on a cruise would be a lot of work. Thankfully my mother-in-law said she would watch him.

So off we went on a 4 day 3 night cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Imagination.

IMG_3367 IMG_3368

Unfortunately, the day before we left on our vacation, I got the stomach bug. Later that night hubby got it too. Beyond exhausted we somehow made it on to the ship the next day hoping our 24 hour bug was behind us.

Day 1 -Long Beach, CA

We spent the day exploring the ship, hung out in our room and ate a late lunch. IMG_3370IMG_3393IMG_0989 IMG_3390 IMG_3383IMG_3388We hung out some more, did some activities and then made our way to dinner. IMG_0995 - fav IMG_0999 - favIMG_1000 - fav IMG_1003Not even half way through dinner I felt ill and had to go to our room.

Day 2 – Ensenada, Mexico

After a 13 hour slumber I felt better and ready for day 2.

We started every morning with room service. Sarah loved having breakfast in bed!IMG_1011

We got dressed and played on the deck.IMG_3420  IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1030 IMG_1033After the rush in the morning to get off the boat we made our way to Mexico.IMG_3428We decided not to book an excursion should we feel ill and have to come back to the boat. Instead we bought some Mexican snacks at a local store and sat at a Starbucks so that we can check in with our families. IMG_1039IMG_1041 IMG_1044 IMG_3434We got back onto the boat and dropped Sarah off at camp. Hubby and I walked around for a bit and then played a round of miniature golf. IMG_3442 IMG_3443We picked up Sarah and walked over to the children’s holiday show.IMG_3449Sarah was smitten with the dancers. IMG_3451Next up was the Let It Snow event. IMG_3454It was lame!

Sarah’s favorite part of the ship was the glass elevators and all the decorations.IMG_1051 IMG_1059We got all dressed up for the formal night and headed to dinner.IMG_1067 - fancy nightI didn’t last long and went to bed shortly after.

This little guy was waiting for us in our room.IMG_1069

Day 3 – Sea Day

The next morning we had plans to attend the towel making class but Sarah was not feeling well. We spent our day taking it easy. We watched a towel animal show, played bingo, and took a salsa dance lesson.IMG_3462

IMG_3466 IMG_3467 IMG_3468Miss Sarah really wasn’t feeling well. The boat was super rocky and most of the passengers were getting sick. She fell asleep on one of the couches. If you know Sarah you know she does not just fall asleep anywhere. My poor baby!IMG_3470We hung out in the room and watched some movies.

Turns out the movie I was watching, The Blind Side had the co star on our boat. IMG_3532After a nap we walked around Lido deck and got some drinks and watched the Dr. Suess parade.IMG_3476IMG_3484Sarah was feeling better and had been begging us to go swimming. Unfortunately we ran out of time and this was the only time left before we had to leave.  IMG_1073 IMG_1083She had a blast! 

Hubby started to really feel sick so Sarah I went to dinner just us two.IMG_3505The staff on the boast was so sweet! Anytime they could they were making Sarah smile. This time they made her a swan with her dinner napkin.

After dinner we walked over to the final show of cruise.IMG_3513Sarah was once again really excited about the dancers. IMG_3516Even though we had the stomach bug and/or sea sick we manged to have a good time.

I think Sarah will remember this trip for a lifetime. After all when can you just take only one of your kids on a mommy daddy trip?

Fun Fact: Hubby and I took this same cruise before getting pregnant with Sarah.IMG_6278 - fav

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