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Chanukah {2018}

I’m just now getting around to sorting through my pictures from Chaunkah and it was already one month ago! So here we go…

We welcomed Chanukah with a surprise breakfast!

We had chocolate milk, doughnuts and make your own yogurt parfaits.

We had such a fun morning!

Night #1

Our day started with a visit to our local zoo for their Snow Festival.

Then we headed to Sarah’s Hebrew School for their Chanukah party.

We spent the 1st night at our friends house. However I didn’t get any pictures (which is such a shame since she puts so many details in her parties) accept for Jacob playing dreidel with the other kids at the party.

Night #2

On the 2nd night we went to Chabad’s candle lighting party. Due to the Woolsey fires our community had a special presentation for them. In return they passed out chocolate gelt (gold coins).

Night #3

On the 3rd night we went to Chabad’s kids program at a local play place. We learned how to make olive oil from pressed olives, played and ate sufganiyot.

Night #4

Earlier in the day, I picked my order of munchkins from Dunkin Doughnuts. Did you know DD makes special munchkins for Chanukah?

On the 4th night we had our neighbors over for dinner. I made our favorite latkes bar

Night #5

On the 5th night we stayed in and had baked mac & cheese. I found these cute Chanukah shaped noodles at Homegoods.

Night #6

We stared the day in Jacob’s class for a Chanukah party. The kids danced, made crafts and we sat down for sufganiyot and coffee.

The 6th night was also Shabbat. I loved seeing my table lit up!

Night #7

The 7th night was also my 37th birthday! We stared the morning with doughnuts in bed (our family tradition) and then headed to downtown LA to play with snow at Snow Day LA.

Night #8

We started the day with a birthday breakfast at a nearby cafe.

We came back napped and hung out at home playing dreidel.

It’s hard having a birthday on a major holiday so I want to take a minute thank everyone for all the birthday love!

Happy holidays from my family to yours! Thank you for filling my home with all your smiling faces. I loved getting your cards so much that they are still hanging up.

And in case you were part of the dozen cards that we received back from the post office due to some crazy mailing errors then here is our card this year.

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Chanukah {2017}

Chanukah is not a big holiday in our family (or in the Jewish religion). However hubby and I try to make it special with a few family traditions. Chanukah is 8 nights so to celebrate we light the chanukiah and open a gift each night.

Night #1

We started Chanukah with a visit to a local play place for Chabad’s family fun night. We came home, lit the candles (everyone lights their own Chanukia) and sat down for dinner. I made soup and a latkes bar. Yum, our favorite way to eat latkes!Dessert was a cookie platter and sufganiyot (basically a jelly doughnut).After dinner we opened gifts. Needless to say the kids were super excited!Night #2

We kept it low key and just hung out at home. Sarah excited about her LOL dolls. After dinner I went to my neighbor’s holiday party.Night #3

It’s hard finding ways to volunteer when your kiddos are young, but thanks to the Sunshine Club we were able to celebrate Chanukah with them. We had a great time! We danced, sang a few songs and hopefully brought some sunshine to the seniors.  There was a juggler at the event and Miss Sarah got called to help. Night #4

This night fell on Shabbat. We lit our candles before heading out for dinner at a friend’s house, but did not take any pics. Night #5

I was sure we would have a lot of ballet in our future after her recital (see it here), until she told me she wanted to take a break for a few months. Well a few months later and she’s still not interested :( So when she mentioned she wanted to see the nutcracker I was a bit surprised. I bought tickets and gifted them to her for Chanukah. We had the sweetest time!Later that night we went on a family outing to see the Holiday Light Train.Night #6

I got the kiddos matching Chanukah PJ’s.During the day we met up with friends for Ice Skating on the lake.At night we went to the plaza for Chabad’s community menorah lighting. We lit the menorah, checked out the arts and crafts table, and saw a juggler. Night #7

Sarah had a few friends over for a cookie decorating play date.We drank hot cocoa, lit the candles and played dreidel. Night #8

We had a little holiday cookie decorating at Jacob’s mommy and me class.    At night we celebrated the last night at another community lighting. Sarah got her face painted, the kids got balloons and glow necklaces, Moshav performed and we watched the menorah lighting. Happy holidays from my family to yours! Thank you for filling my home with all your smiling faces.To see previous posts click below.

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Dodgers World Series

Even though our beloved LA Dodgers didn’t win the world series last night I thought it would be fun to go back and see our love for the team. 

Ahhhh nothing like that green field and the energy of a game!

Ever since I’ve known hubby we’ve been going to games.

2007 – AT&T Park with Matt and Tyler

2009 – With my sister in law.2010 – Jewish Heritage Night2011 – Sarah’s 1st game!   2013 – With friends, Liza and Charlize.   2015 – Jacob’s 1st game!   After walking inside Jacob fell asleep.  While Sarah was running the bases, little man fell asleep again.  2016 – Daddy took Sarah to a game. 2017 – Unfortunately with the extremely hot summer and our schedule we never got to make it to a game this year. However for Halloween, hubby and I dressed up as #1 fans. We might not have won the World Series, but at least we had fun watching it.

Go blue!

Chanukah {2016}

Chanukah is not a big holiday in our family (or in the Jewish religion). However hubby and I try to make it special with a few family traditions. Chanukah is 8 nights so to celebrate we light the menorah and opening a gift each night. This year it started in Christmas Eve and ended on New Years Eve.

Day #1

This year we started Chanukah with family over for brunch. I didn’t take any pics, but luckily my mother-in-law took a few.

I made Pumpkin French Toast Casserole, Oatmeal and Berry Casserole and Egg and Veggie Casserole.

We exchanged gifts and hung out for a bit before nap time.

Later that night, my friend Stacee and her son Brayden came over for dinner.

After dinner hubby took the kids and our guests on a holiday light scavenger hunt where they bumped into Olaf.Day #2

The next morning we started a new tradition by reading a Chanukah book at breakfast.We hung out in our Pj’s and I drank lot’s of coffee from my new favorite mug.We celebrated Chanukah that night in Chinatown.

Day #3

Sarah got to join us for Babycino where we celebrated with a little party. Later that day my college friend, Sivan and her fiance, were in the town so they came by to visit.Lighting the menorah every night was something the kids really looked forward to. They even asked if they could light it earlier several times through out the day.

Can you see Jacob’s hands on his eyes? Jacob got confused and thought we were lighting Shabbat candles. So cute!His turn to light his foam menorah.The gifts that night were their favorite! Sarah got a dog and a carrier while Jacob got a trash truck.Day #4

 For dinner I made our favorite Chanukah food, latkes. I set up a bar with different toppings and sauces and then everyone creates their own stack. We love it! Our current favorite is caprese style! Yum! Day #5

We attended our synagogue’s community celebration. They had arts and crafts for the kids, food, a juggler and lit the huge menorah.

Day #6

The kiddos wanted a picture with their menorahs.

Day #7

Day #8

We celebrated the 8th night at our friends house during a little NYE party.Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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4th of July {2016}

My family and I love the 4th of July! It’s such a fun and relaxing holiday.

We started celebrating on the 3rd at the annual festival at the park. IMG_9561

The parents set up shop while the kids snacked and played. IMG_9571  IMG_9578IMG_9595 IMG_9750IMG_9748   Each family brought a picnic dinner and something sweet to share. While hubby was waiting in what like felt the longest line everrrrrr for his food the kids and I took a picture. IMG_9573 - fav

Later that evening we took our traditional mom and kid picture. IMG_9588 - fav(To see previous pictures click on the year –> 2015, 2014, 2013.) 

Once it get dark we changed into warm clothes and got cozy with our families. Miss Sarah decided she wanted to sit with her friend Mackenzie. IMG_9674

IMG_9659Jacob absolutely loved the fireworks!! He was mesmerized the ENTIRE time.IMG_9678He even wanted to take his ear protectors off after a few minutes into the fireworks. IMG_9685IMG_9684IMG_9681IMG_9701IMG_9726 IMG_9719

We had so much fun!!

So much, that my daughter who doesn’t fall asleep in the car passed out shortly after we got into the car. That is evidence of a good night. :)IMG_9728The next day we had some preschool friends over for some fun in the pool.IMG_9733 IMG_9741 IMG_9747We hung out by the pool until 5 pm and completely crashed after dinner. 

It was okay though, we got to see plenty of fireworks the night before.

Happy 4th of July friends!

Chanukah {2015}

Before the busy holiday season even started Sarah and I got busy working on sending our family and friends our holiday card. IMG_2594My special helper made sure each card had her personal touch, a blue or red butterfly stamp.

Our Chanukah celebrations started at our synagogue’s Chanukah community lighting. We hung out with our friends, did arts and crafts and ate soufganiyout, jelly doughnuts in Hebrew.IMG_2776      Day 1

Last year, a friend posted a picture of a Chanukah themed gingerbread house that I knew had to buy for Sarah. So on the first day of Chanukah we opened the kit and got to work.


Sarah had lot’s of fun! However, I think she had a much better time eating it shortly after.

Our tradition is to open a gift each night. Sometimes it’s from us and sometimes it’s from other family members. The first night we opened gifts from my parents.IMG_2787IMG_2789IMG_0774IMG_0776IMG_0781Sarah got to light her own menorah she made at school.IMG_2803Day 2

My favorite way to eat latkes is caprese style. Once you try it you wont be able to eat it any other way!

IMG_2855After dinner we lit the menorah. This time Jacob was up for the festivities.IMG_2820 He also has his own menorah. However he was more interested in biting his menorah then “lighting” it.   IMG_2832Sarah was becoming a pro!IMG_2824Jacob got to open a gift for the first time!  IMG_2833He was more interested in playing with the paper. Big sister had to help.  IMG_2840IMG_2839

Day 3

Normally Chanukah coincides with my birthday. This year my birthday was on the 3rd night. I woke up to this little guy and had a beautiful day celebrating (to see more about my birthday click here).IMG_0783IMG_0784 - fav

Day 4

Jacob and I attended our weekly mommy and me class. We had a holiday potluck and a book exchange. I unfortunately forgot about the book exchange. Mommy brain!IMG_0908IMG_0936 IMG_0969 IMG_0973 Our neighbor’s wanted to know more about the holiday and our traditions, so we had them over for some Chanukah fun. Later that night we lit the menorah for night #4.IMG_2947

Day 5

We started our day at Sarah’s school for her Winter Concert.IMG_0803Later that night we had another neighbor over for some more Chanukah fun . We played driedel and ate latkes.IMG_2980For dinner I made Chanukah shaped baked mac and cheese.IMG_2977IMG_2979

Day 6

Sarah came home from school with some holiday goodies and this sweet card. IMG_3003For dinner we were invited to hubby’s client/good friend. I thought the decor was so fun and festive. IMG_3005IMG_3006Day 7

We had hubbies family over for brunch. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my guests :( IMG_3014

Sarah got her first pair of roller skates!IMG_3025 IMG_0857 IMG_3026Day 8

We started our day at a PJ Library event. Sarah was all into the arts and crafts table.

IMG_3030Later that afternoon we used a gift she got from grandma, edible play dough, and made cookies. IMG_3037For our final night of Chanukah I made a platter of sushi that I shaped into a menorah.IMG_0860

Sarah was quite surprised. IMG_0862

We lit the last candle and opened the last gift.IMG_0866 IMG_0873Happy holidays from my family to yours.

Family Photo Session {2015}

Every year our family has our pictures taken. Here are some of our favorites.

IMG_0384 - fav IMG_0364 - fav DSC06751 - fav DSC06749 DSC06747 DSC06709 - favDSC06713 - favIMG_0414 IMG_0419 IMG_0481 - favIMG_0459 - favA big thank you to our photographer and our sweet friend, Erin for taking our pictures!

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And because I like comparison pictures here is our traditional family pose from the past 4 years. This time we added a kid to our picture.ImageImage(1)

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!Card

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