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10 on 10 {February 2019}

Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month. Here is a peek into our day!


I’m so thankful to my sweet hubby for hanging out with the kids on weekend mornings so that I could sleep in. I finally peeled my self out of bed and made breakfast. Breakfast was a bagel, cream cheese and hard boiled egg with coffee.


I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back again and went over to the couch and snuggled up to watch kids baking championship. We love this show!


I wrapped a few birthday gifts for the weekend. I love a fun pattern!


I started my least favorite household thing, laundry. Ugh!


I got dressed for the day and did my hair. My wet brush is a must to tame this beast. Plus my kids love theirs too


I popped over to Sarah’s room. She was playing with her water beads set.


Birthday party for Miss Aubrey. Her decor was the cutest!


Back home and in Pj’s. Hubby made dinner and we watched The Titan Games on the couch. After the kids went to bed, I passed out. I wasn’t feeling too well.

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10 on 10 {January 2019}

Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month. Here is a peek into our day!

At 8 am the fog was super thick. I could barely see anything past the traffic light!

Back home I unloaded the dishwasher, made coffee and plopped on the couch to watch “Tidying Up” while J played independently.

I finally pealed myself off the couch and made our way into town. After we ran a couple of errands we ended at Costco.

We got my favorite almond poppy seed muffins and a whole bunch of other stuff.

We unloaded the car, made lunch and headed to pick up Sarah from school.

Thanks to a Chanukah gift, I was able to call her on her watch to let her know where we were parked.

Back home we did homework, ate a snack and went outside to play. I like to leave my phone at home from 3-5 so I don’t have any pictures from that time.

Around 5pm hubby came home and I realized I didn’t have a few items for dinner. Jacob and I walked to the store while Sarah went to the neighbor’s house.

I don’t like our townhouse but I LOVE our neighborhood. There is so much greenery everywhere and we can walk to the market.

Spotted these new “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups” made with sunflower butter. I was intrigued but have not yet tasted them.

For dinner we had soup, salad and grilled cheese. PS if you like corn chowder soup I highly recommended this brand!

After bath, books & prayers the kiddos were in bed. Hubby and I watched the new show, The Titans and then went to bed. Anybody else watch it? We love the competition!

Happy Thursday, friends!

10 on 10 {October 2017}

ten on ten button
Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
Here is a peek into our day!
I’m not a morning person, but thankfully my hubby gets it and wakes up with the kids when he can.
While I got ready, he fed the kids breakfast and surprised me with a breakfast sandwich to go.
Thanks babe! Love you!!
After I dropped off Sarah at school and drove Jacob to his class field trip at the farm for their Harvest Festival.
The day started off cool, but it quickly got hot and we were all melting. An ice pop was the perfect way to end the day.
J fell asleep on the way home, but I needed to run an errand so I transferred him into the stroller.
I transferred him once again into the car. I didn’t want to test my luck so I passed through a drive thru and let him sleep in the car some more.
It was hot and I wanted to do some things around the house before the afternoon chaos so I transferred J to his bed.
I ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry and cleaned up breakfast.
I got 30 minutes before he woke up. Boo!
We picked up Sarah and drove back home. I forgot my phone at home.

The kids had a little iPad time while I did more laundry.

I was craving chocolate so the kids and I baked a Foodstirs kit.

After indulging, we all went out for a walk.I love seeing J try to keep up with the big kids.

When hubby works late I get lazy and don’t like to cook. Since we needed milk and a new dinner, I took the kids to the store. They each got a little cart and picked out their dinner. Sarah wanted fish sticks and Jacob wanted pizza. 

I was wiped and needed some downtime. I reached 12/12 standing time at 6pm! I put on a movie and ate on the couch.

By 8 both kids were bathed, read to and put to bed. Hallelujah!!

I plopped on the couch, watched Housewives of Dallas and worked a little bit.

Love this show!

Hubby and my sister finally arrived. He was working late and my sister is in town for a visit so he picked her up from the airport. We caught up for a few minutes and then I went to bed. 

Such a busy day!

I love looking back at these posts and seeing what my day looked like.

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Hope you had a nice 10th!

10 on 10 {July 2017}

ten on ten button
Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
Here is a peek into our day!
The 10th was a bust. It was hot, everything went wrong and I was in no condition to take any pictures.
Hello July 11, 2017.
My day started waaaaay to early, Jacob woke up screaming at 5am. I don’t do early. In fact I’m a horrible newborn mom. I’m exhausted and I loose my cool often.
Fortunately, I was able to lay him back down, but falling back asleep was hard.
I guess I got some sleep, because the next thing I know it is 8 am and the kids and hubby are coming up the stairs. #hallelujah #hubbyisawesome
The kids and I snuggled in bed and watched some tunes, while I tried to wake up.
The kids were getting hungry and I was not yet a functioning mama so we got dressed and headed to IHOP for pancakes.
Before we can even order, an obnoxious old day reached over our booth and told me my kids were being loud. I walked up to her told her it was summer and to get a life.
Again I was in no mood.
I got in the car (rental for the week), saw this awful awful reminder and cried. What a hormonal mess!
I grabbed some fast food, met our friends, Erin & Ella for a movie and calmed down.
We came home played for a bit, laid Jacob down and got dinner started.
After nap we headed to our local library for a Silly Science Show.
We headed to grocery store for a few items. We hit the bakery for a little snack. Once home, I plopped on the couch and couldn’t move. I was super tired!
Thankfully dinner was done so I sat on the couch until hubby and kids were ready for dinner.
Dinner was Pulled BBQ Sandwiches and a broccoli slaw (mayo, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and honey).
After dinner we surprised the kids and took them to 7 Eleven for free Slurpee day.
We let the kids run around for a bit while hubby fixed my bike. Jacob was more interested in playing with daddy’s tools.
It was bath, PJ’s, books and everyone was down for the night.
Hope you had a nice 11th!

10 on 10 {May 2017}

ten on ten button
Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
Here is a peek into our day!
The kids and I went to Disneyland the day before, so my day actually started (or ended) at 12:30 am when we finally got home. We all slept in until hubby woke us up for school. Thankfully he got lunch and breakfast taken care of while I tried to wake up.
After a much needed cup of coffee, hubby suggested he take Sarah to school.
I grabbed some bars and took Jacob to my bed. I was in no mood to adult.I picked up this beauty who showed me her loose tooth. This will be tooth #4!
I put Jacob down for a nap, Sarah did homework and I prepped dinner. I love crockpot meals on busy school days.After Jacob woke up we met up with Sarah at ballet. (Thanks for taking her Sara!)
After ballet I treated the kids to pistachio muffins while I got a grocery items. If you have a Sprouts near by, I highly recommend the muffins. 
We came back home played with the neighbors, ate dinner and got ready for bed.
Hope you had a nice 10th!

10 on 10 {February 2017}

ten on ten button
Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
I’ve been letting Sarah dress herself on school days. But on the weekends or if we go somewhere important I get to pick. This way she gets it out of her system and I get what I want. Today she picked out this gem.Brown shirt, grey fur vest, turquoise skirt, black leggings, yellow minion socks, and sparkly shoes.
Oh my!
After breakfast and drop off Jacob and I came back home and hung out a bit.We headed out and met my friend Erin at a local juice store. They were giving away strawberry almond milk that I knew J would enjoy.
I was right!
Erin and I walked around aa few of the stores. Jacob spotted a hat, so we took a selfie.Next on our agenda was a trip to Costco. Love my little shopping buddy!
We go home unloaded and then laid down for nap. Hubby happened to be home for a bit so I took the opportunity to do a little solo grocery shopping trip. I grabbed a some tea and browsed through the aisles. Ahhh…quiet!
I got home just as Jacob woke up from his nap. Hubby got a package so naturally he put him in the box. Jacob thought it was hilarious!
I picked up Sarah from school, played outside with the neighbors, made dinner and did our bed time routine without my phone. Sometimes I like to document our life and sometimes I just want to put the phone down and enjoy the moment.
Hope you had a nice 10th!

10 on 10 {January 2017}

ten on ten button
Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
After dropping Sarah off at school I  came back home and sat down for breakfast with this cutie!    After 5 years of having the same cleaning lady clean my house she disappeared. She hasn’t answered my calls nor any of my texts. Like poof! Gone into thin air!
So I took it as a sign and started cleaning the house myself. Oh man, what a mistake! Every time I tried to clean, Jacob would hang on to me or when I did it during nap time it would take me a week to finish the whole house.
After a 4 month break we hired a new cleaning lady! As soon as Jacob saw those products he started to hang on me. What is it about a bottle of Lysol that he doesn’t like? Ugh!!
Jacob and I stayed home that morning encase she had any questions. J watched some YouTube videos while I did laundry and planned my blogging schedule. Just as the cleaning lady was getting ready to leave my washing machine burst. At first I thought it was the way she cleans until I saw it started to gush. We both rushed to laundry doors and attempted to make it stop. After some cleaning I called my landlord and sent him these pics.
J and I headed to grocery store before nap time. I just love the color of fresh produce.
This little guy is cute too!
Back home Jacob napped while I cleaned up, answered some emails and watched TV.   
Hubby was in the area while Jacob was still napping so he offered to pick up Sarah and dropped her off. Thanks babe!
We lounged a bit and then headed to Sarah’s friend, Lydia’s house for a play date.
Upon leaving their house I ran into a pole and almost fell off their driveway!!!
Lydia’s father nor I wanted to touch the car and make anymore mistakes so I quickly called hubby to the rescue.
I was exhausted and to upset to make dinner so we just ate eggs and toast for dinner.
After the kids went to bed I passed out at 8 pm.
Phew what a day!
Hope you had a nice 10th! 

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