Summer Bucket List {2015}

With only 5 days left of school we are gearing up for a fun filled summer!

After giving birth to Jacob I’ve made it my priority to spend as much time with Sarah as possible. Jacob is still very young, 8 weeks to be exact, but it’s important that our special bond continues. While Jacob was napping the other day I sat down with Sarah and asked her to come up with 10 things she wanted to do during the summer.IMG_7314We came up with 10 pretty simple things we’d like to do together. Some of these items are things we would probably do anyways, but it’s nice to see them on the fridge and check them off as the summer progresses.

IMG_7316After we completed our list, we both signed it.

Have anything fun and easy to add to our list? Please share below.

Happy summer!


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