Every fall we take Sarah to the Pumpkin Patch for some fall fun.

This time we had my sister in town so we decided to check out a new patch.


We had a fun day! We started off with getting Sarah’s face painted.

IMG_2851She loves getting her face painted! She picked a snake on one cheek and a butterfly on the other cheek. As a bonus, Sarah was also able to get a tattoo of her choice.

Then we moved on to some carnival style games.


The weather has been crazy annoying lately. It’s starts off cool in the mornings and then it gets super hot the rest of the day. So we headed for some shade and had lunch.

Before heading out we took some fun pictures. IMG_28441377064_10100848675060505_4455284300517045586_n

How tall this fall?

picstitchFun times! Click here to see our past visit.

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