A few days ago I posted a freebie from Sears. Today we took advantage of the opportunity. I’ve been searching and pinning a lot of sweet photos on Pinterest lately. My inspiration was old Hollywood mixed with cute and simple baby poses.

It was fun! Sarah didn’t mind getting dressed up and posing for the camera. She did however want to play with all their props (which didn’t match our theme)!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Can’t wait to frame some of these precious moments!

Amazon Mom

I’m a big fan of Amazon! Their quick and easy delivery is one of my favorite things about this online company. When I was pregnant, my husband came across Amazon Mom. What is Amazon Mom you ask? “Amazon Mom is a membership program aimed at helping parents and caregivers in the prenatal through toddler years use Amazon to find and save on all the products their family needs.”

It’s a great way to get everything baby-related without leaving the house (which can be hard the first few months). Here are some of the benefits:

  • 20% off diapers and wipes subscriptions with Subscribe & Save
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items with Amazon Prime* shipping
  • Exclusive discounts and deals for Amazon Mom members

Ask most members. It’s a really convenient way to shop for all the necessary baby products. I, myself, haven’t bought diapers anywhere else since discovering Amazon Mom!

Please Note: I am not being paid for recommending this product. I just really like it!

Hubby’s Birthday {2012}

Earlier this week we celebrated my hubby’s birthday! He doesn’t like gifts so Sarah and I made him birthday dessert (a tradition I’ve started with Sarah). This is the Pinterest recipe we chose to make this year, except it didn’t look as pretty!

Let me explain. Below are the ingredients we used. Since we follow some kosher rules, we had to substitute some things. First we replaced marshmallows with marshmallow creme (Sarah decided to take the paper off the container.. silly toddler!). Then we used Snoopy (fruit) snacks instead of fish (which later I found some in the kosher market, oops!) It was quite a disaster!!


The reason marshmallows are necessary is so the gelatin adheres to the Rice Krispies and can be shaped. Bad move on my part, but hubby still thought they were tasty!

Here is my assistant this year and last year :)


Below was the dinner I made for the birthday boy. It’s also a Pinterest recipe.


Happy birthday babe! I love you and grateful to be your wife.

Magic Mike


A few weekends ago my friend and I finally made it to see Magic Mike (my mama group went, but I wasn’t available to attend)! It was a fun movie and we giggled a lot! Best part of the movie (other than hottie Channing Tatum), it was based in Florida :)

Back in the day my mom was able to give me $10 to go with a friend to the movies. Now $10 wont even buy you a ticket? Wonder how much movie tickets will cost when Sarah goes out to the movies with her friends.


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