My Birthday {2012}

December is a really busy month in general, but especially busy for me! There is a lot going on. Between Chanukah, my birthday, Christmas and New Years we are all running around trying to get things done.

I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the little joys in life. Therefore I’ve always enjoyed celebrating events (no event is too big or too small for me), but celebrating my birthday has not always been easy. Most of the time my birthday falls on Chanukah. I’m more than happy to share my birthday with the miracle of light, except people like to lump my birthday and Chanukah into one occasion. If it’s a card or a birthday gift I always just get one. But material objects aren’t what disappoint me, it’s the timing.

For example, last year I decided to host a tea party for my 30th birthday at a local tea house. I figured I only turn 30 once and I’ve always loved the tea party theme. I gathered a list of family and friends, booked a venue and sent out invitations. That’s right, I created, printed, decorated, put a stamp and dropped them off at the mailbox (things people don’t do often enough in my opinion). Then I waited for responses to come in. After a few of, “I’ll be out of town”, “I already committed to going to hubby’s holiday party”, or “My family is in town” I got pretty bummed. It happens every year, but I hoped turning 30 would be different. After a few more days of disappointing responses my mom called to tell me she would be coming to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much ema (mom in Hebrew) for coming all the way out here for my birthday!! It means a lot to me that you could be a part of my celebration.

The day of my party I started getting more disappointing phone calls: “I’m sorry, something came up!”, “I’m having car trouble”, “I have a cold”, etc. Sure everyone is busy and has the right to cancel, but this time it was a bit different. You see, I had gone ahead and prepaid for all my guests. So here I was sitting at my beautiful tea table with a whole bunch of no shows. Sure I had a really nice afternoon with my family and friends who did attend, but that would be the last time I would host a birthday for myself.


So as my 31st birthday was quickly approaching, I started to panic. How do I celebrate and not end up disappointed? After a conversation with hubby we decided I would attend a casual dinner during the week with some mommy friends and celebrate at home with him on the weekend. No hype, just simple fun!

I’m happy to report that everything was fine! I was surrounded by a fun and loving group of friends at dinner, went out dancing, and spent the weekend with my family (including my MIL). When it came time to make a wish on my birthday cake, I couldn’t help but pause. I have everything I needed. I’m married to a handsome man, I have a yummy daughter who I can’t stop kissing, loving parents and sisters (and a lot more family who loves me), a supportive group of friends and most of all I have my health!

Thanks to all who called, texted, emailed, Facebook messaged, and sent me cards and gifts. You made me feel special in a way that made last year’s shortcomings a distant memory!



Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip

As a Vocalpoint member I was recently given the opportunity to try the new Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip. My confirmation email read:

“Time to smooth things over with your hair? New Pantene® Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip erases the damage of 100 blow-drys. Because at some point, every relationship could use a little damage control.”


I made sure my hair was extra dry (washed, blow dried and ironed) to put this product to the test. From the looks and from the name I thought it was mousse! After pressing it out and patting it on my hair, I realized I was wrong. I quickly read the bottle and understood what it meant by whip. I worked it through my hair and went about my day. In and out of the car and house I came back after a long day to a frizzy hair. Normally mousse controls my frizz, but with the busy day and weather change my hair wasn’t looking nice. Too bad I really wanted to like this product because I love Pantene!

Disclosure: This blog post is part of a Vocalpoint member program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Shabbat 1000 {2012}

Prior to moving to LA I researched different local Jewish programs. Raised in a very active Jewish city I craved my type of people. Therefore I signed up to as many organizations lists as possible.

So when I received an email last year about being a part of the Jewish Federation’s “The Night of 100 Shabbat Celebrations”, I was very excited! I was told it would be a community wide event to commemorate the Federation’s 100 years of service to the Los Angeles Jewish community. I quickly signed up and waited to host my meal. Each participant was given a book of selected blessings and readings. They also asked us if we could take a picture of our pre-candle lighting Shabbat table to share with the community. It was a fun experience and I was proud to be one of the 100 participants!

A few weeks ago I once again received an email inviting me to participate in the community wide event. This time it was “1,000 Shabbat Celebrations” and we were to receive a Federation Shabbat in a Box. I quickly signed up and waited for my box of goodies. The contents included an artsy challah cover, candles, a book of Shabbat prayers, recipes, inspirational writings and a tzedakah box. I was once again proud to be a part of this community wide event this year. It makes me so happy to know we have a community who wants us together for Shabbat. I plan on giving my filled tzedakah box to the Jewish Federation this year. They have done nothing but shine the light on the Jewish People of LA.

My Shabbat Box
My Shabbat Box

Baby Y #2

My best mommy friend, Erin, recently gave birth to her second beautiful and healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s not only my closest friend here, but is an amazing person inside and out. Being that neither of our parents live close, we try to be there for another. Just last month Erin brought over some chicken noodle soup when I was sick.

We recently went to register for some miscellaneous baby things at Babies-R-Us. It was fun to register again and I’m honored she wanted me to come along.


Tip: Always check your pictures before saying thank you.

One thing I remember the most after coming home from giving birth at the hospital was how hungry I always felt. So, I knew I wanted to help her with meals. After searching for a bit I came across MealTrain. I was so excited to get this meal train started for her.

I got together with some mommy friends from our group and started her Meal Train.

“ is a free solution that simplifies the organization of giving and receiving meals. By allowing the giving party to take into account the recipient’s preferred meal times, food preferences, and available days, the site helps ensure that the recipient gets the meals they enjoy on the days that are most helpful.”

Within a few hours 90% of the spots were taken. What a wonderful and supportive group of mamas we have!

Here is the prince and I at the hospital.


Welcome to the world, Vin! You are already so loved!

Yo Baby

YoBaby yogurt was Sarah’s first experience with yogurt. Ever since the first spoonful, she was hooked! With yummy flavors and an easy consistency I was very happy she liked something that was good for her. Therefore I decided to “Like” YoBaby on Facebook.

A few weeks ago I participated in YoBaby’s Facebook photo search. I’m happy to say Sarah’s picture was picked. Here she is on the left in purple.

Thanksgiving {2012}

It seems like my body is starting a trend.

Anytime a holiday or an important occasion is around the corner, I get sick! This is the same as what happened around the holidays a couple of months ago. A runny nose or even some sneezing would be workable, but noooo, I get a full on cold. Sometimes I run to Urgent Care and sometimes I just ride it out.

It’s been six weeks of a combination of the stomach bug, colds and flu around here and, well, my body gave up.

At my most recent visit to Urgent Care, I received some meds and stayed in bed for the next few days.

It was always the plan that hubby would cook Thanksgiving (the one holiday I don’t cook for) dinner, but in reality I always help out. Whether it be the food shopping, the prep, etc. It would be a small gathering (mother-in-law, sister-in-law and David the guncle). However, I was mentally and physically done. Therefore I didn’t do too much, but I did manage to make a pitcher of Apple Cider Sangria and a Pinterest craft (which I unfortunately forgot to take an after picture).

Daddy and Sarah prepping the turkey!
Pinterest Project


Thursday night came quickly, and I was magically better. MIL and SIL both brought yummy home baked desserts. Guncle even brought us a hostess gift of macaroons from London. It was a nice evening, but as it got later, I once again crashed. I swear my body knows what’s going on.

I really did miss waking up at an early hour the next day to shop the deals on Black Friday, but with having a cold and Black Friday no longer what it used to be (for those that don’t know, stores now open at 8pm ON Thanksgiving), I was happy to stay in bed!

My Thankful List

My cute husband who works hard so I can stay at home with our daughter

My sweet and funny daughter

My family

The roof over my head

Food in my belly

My mommy group


and Coffee

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving. Looking forward to December! Lot’s going on :)

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