Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards

The Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program rewards you every time you choose Pampers diapers, training pants and wipes for your growing baby.

To start, simply collect the codes from all your Pampers purchases. To see the points add up in your account, just sign up with and enter codes on Gifts to Grow Rewards or on your mobile phone. After that, you can redeem your points for items in the Gifts to Grow rewards catalog.

I didn’t find out about the program until Douglas mentioned that there were codes on the boxes. He looked it up and we started entering codes when Sarah was just a couple of weeks old.

We recently spent 2,800 points to get this awesome shopping cart by Little Tykes. We currently have 682 points. I’m waiting until we get to 750 points so that we can “buy” Alex Draw In The Tub crayon set.

The 15-digit Gifts to Grow code is printed on a small, white label, approximately two inches by one inch in size. Follow these simple steps to find your code and redeem it for points!

I enter my codes through text. It’s really convenient and takes no time at all.

Hope you have been entering your codes or will start to enter your codes now. Not interested in “buying” stuff? You can donate your codes to different charities that participate.

Dollar Tree

I love finding useful, valuable things at the Dollar Tree. You never know what you are going to find. I came across this article that I wanted to share.

I’d like to add the following to Rachel’s list:

Tablecloth – good for birthday parties and quick clean up gatherings.

Kids Utensil Holder – I carried this small holder in my diaper bag when Sarah was first learning how to use a fork and spoon. Thanks Katie VG for introducing me to this item.

Greeting Cards – $.50 a piece! Can’t get better than that!

Sesame Street – from hand wash to balloons to coloring books. They have a lot to choose from.

Art Supplies – specifically the foam letters. I made this simple Sesame Street sign art project for Sarah’s birthday.

And finally, not to share too many details, I actually found out I was pregnant by using a Dollar Tree pregnancy test! Thanks Sharon S for the push (remember that night?)!

Are you a dollar store shopper? Have anything to add to the list?


I recently used my coupon for a FREE 8×8 Photo Book that I received from my local grocery store! I was so excited and instantly thought of my sister G and made a book of all of our adventures. Take a look here:

Click here to view this photo book larger

You’ll love Shutterfly’s award-winning photo books. Try it today.

FREE Birthday Card

Go to for a FREE birthday card. Add the recipient’s address and Cardstore will even send it for you for FREE!

I just made and sent one to a friend whose birthday is coming up. Yay for freebies!

The Brita Bottle for Kids

I came across this Brita Bottle when Sarah used to drink formula. This was the perfect solution for my anxiety of not having enough filtered water for her formula. The refillable bottle is great for the environment, too! It was a wonderful find and I’ve even turned some mamas onto using the Brita Bottle.

Now they have kid-sized bottles in three fun colors.

“The Brita┬« Bottle for Kids is a great way to inspire your kids to ditch sugary beverages and learn to love water. The BPA-free bottle has a filter inside and comes in a kid-friendly size, so now they can get filtered water from any tap wherever they go.”

Ever felt anxious about not having enough food for your baby? Or am I just crazy?

FREE Haircut

Last month JCPenny announced free kids haircuts in grades Kindergarten to 6th grade. It must have been successful because they announced to permanently offer free kids haircuts every Sunday, starting November 4th.

Call your local JCPenny salon to book an appointment.

Sarah’s Surgery {2012}

Eight is the number of times…I’ve rocked my daughter in the middle of night, while she was screaming in pain.

Eight is the number of times…I’ve been to urgent care with my daughter or lucky enough to catch the pediatrician during the day.

Eight is the number of times…I’ve given my daughter antibiotics for ten or more days at a time.

Eight is the number of times…I have watched countless hours of Sesame Street so that Sarah would, hopefully, forget about her pain.

Eight is the number of times…My baby girl has had an ear infection.

Every time Sarah would get sick, she, without a doubt, had an ear infection! We went to see the doctor and she explained that Sarah’s infections were middle ear infections (otitis media or OM). Middle ear infections are NOT pool, bath or water-play related. Sarah’s infections were caused by mucus blockage within the ear canals. The doctor then went on to explain that ear infections are also genetic. Hubby mentioned that he had chronic ear infections when he was young, too.

So after every visit (and with our luck, it almost always happened on the weekends), we administered oral antibiotics and Tylenol for pain. Needless to say, she hated us and hated the changing table (in hindsight, a bad idea for us to use the changing table to administer meds since now she hates the changing table)! After a while, I couldn’t help but feel like I was giving her poison! After two infections back to back, hubby and I decided to make an appointment for surgery.

What really bummed me out was when the doctors suggested we spend less time with our mommy group. As I mentioned in a previous post, I need them more than they need me. But I also couldn’t help thinking I was putting my daughter in harm’s way.

The eighth ear infection was one too many! I was saddened by her being so sick and in so much pain. I’ve never myself had an infection, but I hear they are terrible!!

Fast forward to this past Monday, Sarah finally got some relief. She had her quick and painless ear tube surgery. I never for a minute was worried about the surgery itself.

She got in her scrubs and started to explore. Sarah loved all the gadgets. She was very curious and wanted to check out all the machines. Daddy playing with his baby girl.

After the final check, the nurse gave her some medicine that made her really sleepy.

I really wanted to jump in that bed and snuggle with her. I wanted to hold her hand through it all. I wanted her to know she was going to be ok.

Instead I just sang her a lullaby and prayed.Kissing my baby as she drifts off to dreamland :(

I was, however, worried about her coming out of surgery. From my research and warnings from friends, I heard how difficult it was for babies/toddlers to come out of surgery.

It took hubby and me what felt like forever to calm her down. She kicked, cried and pushed us away as she was in a state of confusion. She was upset, cranky and most of all hungry (nothing to eat or drink since the night before). We received ear drops and paperwork and headed home. Sarah was very needy that afternoon. She needed her mama and I was there for her.

The next day, Sarah was her normal self, silly and playful. Here she is trying to get on her car the wrong way!

Two weeks after the tubes were inserted, Sarah had her post op appointment. She passed the hearing test with flying colors and was allowed to resume regular activities. Good thing since Sarah and I were missing our mommy group very, very much!

Glad it is all over with now!

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