A few weeks ago my friend Erin and I hosted a Mardi Gras dinner for a few of our friends at her place. We had such a fun night! I was nice to get away from our homes and have moms night in.

Thanks to the help of Zatarain’s, I was able to make a few yummy dishes for my friends.

Mama Chit Chat: Mardi Gras Party w/Zatarain's

I made the following, Feed Your Krewe Jambalaya, Skillet Paella, Caribbean Rice with chicken, Red Beans & Rice and Creole Mustard Dip.

   Mama Chit Chat: Mardi Gras Party w/Zatarain'sEverything turned out delicious! Our favorite dish of the night was Skillet Paella.

Mama Chit Chat: Mardi Gras Party w/Zatarain'sThe Creole Mustard Dip paired with pretzels was also a crowd favorite! The flavors were so addicting!!

  Mardi Gras Party: Best Dip Ever!

To tie in the Zatarain’s theme, I made a center piece by taping Mardi Gras symbols on wooden kabab holders and placing them in a mason jar filled with beads.

Mama Chit Chat: Mardi Gras Party Centerpiece

My friend Erin set up a beautiful table outside where her hubby hung twinkle lights for our special event.


Erin also made an amazing King Cake!

IMG_7347Mama Chit Chat: Mardi Gras King Cake

Our friend, Torrie was the lucky one who found the hidden baby!


It was a fabulous night in with my mama friends!


Everyone was sent home with recipe magnets and a full belly.


Thanks for the fun night ladies and Happy Mardi Gras friends!

Disclosure: As a House Party member I received these products for review. However all opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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