For the past several months, my friend Cheryl and I have been taking turns hosting weekly MNO’s to watch the Housewives franchise.

Last night my friend Cheryl and I watched the 100th episode of the Housewives of Orange County.

It started several months ago. During one of our mommy group events, Cheryl and I discussed the latest Housewives show. The following week we found ourselves talking about it again. Finally Cheryl mentioned that I should come to her house and watch the show with her.

It’s been really fun! Each week we break out a bottle of wine as we sit and watch the drama unfold.

Now that Cheryl is pregnant (congrats again!), we have been munching on food and tea instead.

To celebrate this momentum occasion (just kidding!) I bought a bottle of apple-peach cider. I paired it with Sonoma garlic cheese and dill and olive oil Triscuits.


Here’s to “whooping it up” with you for a few more months before baby #2 arrives!


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