I don’t know why I never thought of making homemade popcorn. It’s much healthier and doesn’t smell up the house. As a popcorn lover, hubby hated when I would use the microwave to make my popcorn. I wasn’t even using the butter flavor. He just despises the overpowering smell of popcorn.

While I was shopping at my one of my favorite grocery stores, I decided to look
at the back of a kernel bag. To my surprise all you needed was a pot with a lid and a pinch of salt, that’s it! I Couldn’t believe it! I bought a bag and made a fresh batch of popcorn for snack the very next day.



The best part was a I found a whole bunch of recipes on Pinterest to flavor my
popcorn without any words I can’t pronounce. Plus it’s a healthy snack for my snack-loving toddler!

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