Last month my youngest sister, Germaine, and her fiance had a 48 hour layover in LA.

So as soon as she landed we hit the ground running.

Day 1

We started the day with a picnic and a walk around a nearby garden. While driving home, Sarah saw an ice skating rink and suggested we check it out.

The girls ice skated while the rest of us hung out and drank hot cocoa. I dropped the kids off with hubby and took G and Ori to LA. We got dressed while we watched the award show in their hotel room.  The TV was so cool! One side is a mirror and the other side is a TV! 

We met up with some friends for dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant in LA called Toca Madera. Check it out if you are in the area!!Thanks Snapchat for the fun filters!Day 2

We started our day in LA by walking around the LACMA museum and the LA Tar Pits.     It was a short, but sweet visit.

The worst part of the visit was saying goodbye to them.

I miss her.

I miss my family so so much.

But most of all I miss being together with everyone.

Thanks for the visit, G, but now I am super homesick.

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