It’s part 2 of our epic Florida Vacation. If you missed part 1 click here.

Day 5:

We started the day with a visit to the Frost museum in Miami. It was super hot and we were starting to melt down (I might have been the first one). We were super thankful when we spotted a water area. My kids love animals so anytime there is touch tank we find ourselves spending a lot time by the tanks. This time we got to touch sting rays. Our favorite room has to be the INDOOR room where the kids got to dance in the lit floor. So fun! After this fun and air conditioned room we walked out to 98 degrees and 67% humidity. Jacob was way ready for a nap and I was ready to sit in an air condition room. A few minutes later J fell asleep and I got some much needed cool down time.Later that night we met up for cousin night in Ft Luaderdale. Day 6

We headed to Castaway Island with my mom, Osh and the kids.     We had so much fun!

For dinner I met up with some of my childhood friends at a local Mexican restaurant.Day 7

We laid low and just spent the day at my cousins house playing with her 3 kids. The kids played so nicely that it made me sad to think about leaving in a few days. Growing up with my cousins are some of my favorite memories! The kids played dress up, puzzles, ate lunch and ended the aternoon with water play. For dinner we went out to celebrate my sister, Germaine’s birthday at a karaoke bar.  What a busy week!

See you next week for part 3!

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