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Las Vegas {2015}

My friend Jen and I have been talking about seeing Britney Spears perform in Vegas for a while now. After talking about our love for Britney our friends decided to join us for a girls trip to Vegas.

The 14 of us arrived to Vegas Friday afternoon. Some flew and others drove. I was in this car.IMG_9651 -jens car

To get the girls excited I made these little gifts. IMG_9652We finally arrived (gosh I really don’t like driving long distances!!) and checked into to our hotel. The first day was spent hanging out in our hotel and a little gambling.IMG_9873IMG_9880IMG_9681 IMG_9685We went back to our rooms and got ready for the concert. A few of us went to the concert while the rest hung out in the hotel.

Jen and I before the concert. We were soooo excited! IMG_9688 IMG_9694

Countdown to the show.IMG_9701

We had sooo much fun! Our seats were perfect and Britney was amazing!IMG_9699IMG_9834Some of my favorites shots!IMG_9716IMG_9717IMG_9719IMG_9739IMG_9727We met up with the rest of our group for dancing and drinks. It was super crowded and crazy so I only got this picture. IMG_9749The 2nd day started with breakfast in our hotel. I had this yummy yogurt parfait and fruit. IMG_9770

After breakfast we headed to the pool in our hotel. IMG_9771 IMG_9773IMG_9779We went back to our rooms and got ready for dinner.

Trying to get a group photo in the cab line was quite hilarious.IMG_9784

Dinner at Olives did not disappoint! The food was yummy, the drinks were fun and the company was even better!IMG_9790FullSizeRender

Our feet were starting to hurt. Before heading to the club a few of us put on our ballet flats. Thanks for the tip Liza!IMG_9810

It was super crowded and lets face it we were tired. As much as we love to go out when we are home, this weekend had us wiped!IMG_9871    I am so happy to have met these moms!

Going through motherhood with them while doing things like this is just amazing!

I am beyond grateful for their friendships.

Love you all!

To friendship :)

Oshrat’s Visit {2015}

I love having visitors. I especially love it when my family comes to visit!

Once a year my sister, Oshrat comes out for a visit (see past visits here). This time her visit was to meet Jacob.IMG_7567

We started most mornings with a visit to Starbucks or the doughnut shop or both.Image(1)Our afternoons were spent at the park.IMG_7549IMG_8760We did a lot of fun things during her visit. We went blueberry picking.IMG_8751 IMG_8752Hung out by the pool. IMG_8758 When my sisters come to visit we like to find yummy things to eat. This trip was no exception. IMG_7569IMG_7570IMG_7612IMG_7638IMG_7623Thank you Oshrat for all the fun memories! I hope you had as much fun as we did. Love you!IMG_7725

Aline Visits {2014}

Last summer, my sweet aunt Aline came to visit us from Israel.

I blogged about our Vegas trip, but never got a chance to post about the fun time we had in Cali.

As soon as my aunt landed she was on a mission to find her favorite celebrity, Kiefer Sutherland. We didn’t spot him in the airport, but did I take her to see his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  IMG_0502

We walked around some more. IMG_0500Then we made our way to the Grove for lunch and some window shopping.IMG_0542 IMG_0546Back home Sarah wanted to play hair dresser with Aline. IMG_0554 IMG_0558The next day we went to see the Hollywood letters. IMG_0582  IMG_0588Then we ended our afternoon with a walk on Rodeo and ice cream at Sprinkles.IMG_0597 Thank you Aline for coming to visit us! Please come back again soon!!

Florida Vacation {2014}

Every year Sarah and I fly to Florida to visit my parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and many other family members that still live there. I also have childhood friends that I meet up with when I visit.

I always have a long list of things to do and people to see.

However, this trip was a bit different. We had about 6 big occasions to attend. First my baby sister was graduating from college. Then my cousin was getting married. We also celebrated Chanukah somewhere in between. Throw in there toddler naps and much needed time for me to relax while pregnant.

Let’s just say we were busy, like really busy.

Here is a snapshot of week 1:IMG_3902IMG_0617IMG_3949IMG_3966IMG_4076IMG_4093IMG_4131

IMG_4340IMG_4280 - group

Week 2:IMG_4138IMG_4150IMG_4165IMG_4259IMG_4285IMG_4296IMG_4299IMG_4349IMG_433610365865_10100910339235005_2410281480235458612_nIMG_4356We had so much fun in Florida! Busy, but lot’s of fun. As usual I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to and do everything I wanted to do, but I always leave Florida with a huge smile on my face and this time Sarah joined me.IMG_4381

Until next year…

Tiffany’s Wedding Week: The Wedding

After a week of hair, make up, heels and lot’s of parties, like the Hinna and Mikavh, my baby cousin, Tiffany got married!! Not only was this a special occasion for our family, but it was also Sarah’s first time as a flower girl.

The bride and her flower girl.

IMG_4217Instead of the traditional flower basket, Tiffany wanted Sarah to hold a sign that read, “Here comes your bride”. 10395831_10152944537801257_1804078420204475891_nSarah loved the honor and couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle.

Sarah got all dressed up for the special occasion. She had her hair curled at my mom’s salon and even got to wear red lipstick!

IMG_4219She loved it!

My cousins daughter, Daniella also walked down the aisle with Sarah. Here are the girls having a dance party before they head down the aisle. IMG_4220IMG_4221They were so cute together! IMG_4227My sister was also part of the bridal party. Here is my sister and Sarah.IMG_4282Trying to keep two toddlers in line while everyone was starting to make their way down the aisle was quite a challenge. IMG_4228They just wanted to dance and move around. After the last couple left the room I walked out with both girls and walked them to their starting point. They both stood their for a minute as everyone was staring at the two cute girls. It looked like a great time for the photographer to get some good shots. Unfortunately, my cousin has not yet received her wedding photos. The following pictures were taken with friends and family members phone. IMG_427610176127_10205527151007508_7865141323379732528_nThey both made their way down the aisle and went to their chairs. I quickly ran up the side to meet Sarah.

We watched as the bride and groom walked down the aisle into the chupah.IMG_4231IMG_4236Not even 5 minutes into the ceremony Sarah said she needed to pee. So we took a couple of pictures and headed back to the bridal room.IMG_4238I tried watching the ceremony from the room, but Sarah wanted to play.IMG_4242Finally inside the gorgeous ballroom!IMG_4256Sarah had so much fun!IMG_4248IMG_4246She was a little dancing queen. I however was exhausted. After a week of celebrations that included many salon trips and multiple nights in stilettos, I was done. I sat the majority of the night and took pictures of Sarah enjoying herself.

IMG_4251IMG_4252Then came the delicious dessert table! Yum was I in heaven!!IMG_4268My cousins and I are very close. We grew up together so it’s always fun when we are able to share in each others special occasions. One of my favorite pictures, it this picture of all of my cousins (on my dad’s side) with our grandpa. The cousins

“Cousins are childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” – Anonymous

Mazal tov Tiffany and Oren! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!

Tiffany’s Wedding Week: Mikvah Party

Before heading down the aisle most Jewish brides have the custom to go to the Mikvah.

A mikvah is a body of water where a woman purifies her self prior to getting married. A mikvah is also used to cleanse your body after your monthly cycle. You can read more about it here.

As a Sephardic Jew we take it one step further and have a Mikvah Party.  

I also had my own mikvah party prior to getting married.

IMG_3431 - groupTo continue Tiffany’s Wedding Week of fun we headed to the Mikvah to help Tiffany celebrate. IMG_4121IMG_4123

Tiffany’s mom, sisters, aunts and cousins.

IMG_4280 - groupAfter dipping in the Mikvah, Tiffany back out to her family and guests. We through candy and chocolate at her as a sign of a sweet future. Sarah was our special helper and picked up all the sweet treats.IMG_4129Living on the west coast I miss out a lot on family activates so it means a lot when I can participate in such special occasions.

Tiffany’s Wedding Week: Hinna

While in Florida, my family and I attended my cousin, Tiffany’s Hinna party.

IMG_4064A Hinna is a Moroccan style party before the wedding. It’s quite a party! From beautiful colors to Moroccan music. It’s a non-stop party for the bride and groom’s family and friends. Here is the tent where the bride and groom will later sit.

IMG_410610865942_10152915320678749_4916974595271489719_o(pictures are from my uncle’s company, Amazing Events.)

The table decoration were gorgeous as well!

IMG_4058Close family members and the bridal party dress in bright colored cafatn’s during a special ceremony. We also wore gold chain headwraps on our heads that I bought from Claire’s. Here are my mom, sisters and Sarah.

IMG_4076They didn’t have a caftan in Sarah’s size so we improvised and wrapped a wrap that had gold coins.

IMG_4086Me and my Sarah.IMG_4081Here is the beautiful bride and groom in their carriers. To the right is a picture of them with their Henna. More about it here. 10300265_10152944548956257_5409277539686983050_nSarah and I got some henna too.

IMG_4087My sister, Oshrat and I with our hennas.IMG_4089Sarah had so much fun! She loved playing in the “house” with her cousin Daniella. IMG_4042IMG_4044I’ll blog about the wedding in the next few days…

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