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Museum of Ice Cream

A few months ago my sister, Germaine, forwarded me an email about a new pop up museum in LA. I skimmed the email, but decided to buy tickets at a later time. A couple days later I started seeing a bunch of Instagram pictures from my friends and celebrities. I quickly went back to my email, clicked on the link to find out it’s been sold out. Hmm what the heck is up with this museum?

Well after a waiting list, a dash to my computer to buy our tickets, a random date on the calendar and ta da we where on our way to the Museum of Ice Cream.

Waiting for our group to enter.

When you buy tickets you have to pick a time slot. This way, only a small amount of people go at a time. Ready, set, go!Room #1 – welcome room and a few rules. Tasting #1 – Dove chocolate.Room #2 – a room full of pink telephones. Tasting – none.

Sometimes there was someone on the other line and sometimes there wasn’t. Room #3 – La La Land Tasting #2 – Salted ice cream with a hard shellNeither kid liked it. I thought it was good, but a bit to salty.  Room #4 – Bananas Tasting – none

This room had 3 sections. Scratch and sniff, swings, and a place to go “bananas”. Room #5 – Mint  Tasting #3 – Mint flavored mochiThe kids got to water the mint garden. Jacob was a big fan of the tasting.  Room #6 – Claw  Tasting – none

This room had some fun pieces. Like huge plastic rainbows, a pink mirror, cute sayings and a claw machine. We were to busy trying to win a prize that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the fun machine. After a few tries I got a key chain, but I let it go after the guy behind me yelled something out and scared me. He saw us later in another room and gave my kiddos the same key chain we won.Jacob had fun dancing to the music and light show.  Room #7 – Popsicle’s  Tasting – none

This room looked like lot’s of fun! Except is was mostly roped off and we were asked to be gentle with the pieces. Room #8 – Gummy bears  Tasting #4 – A handful of gummy bears Room #9 – Cones  Tasting #5 – Cookie dough in a cone This looked horrible, but it was basically a cake ball in a cone. Yum!Room #10 – Sprinkles  Tasting – none

This is what sold me. I thought the kids swimming in a pool of sprinkles would be so much fun. I was right, the kids had a blast!

Sarah’s first reaction was to make a sprinkles angel. Which was totally cute, until I noticed her undies showing in all of the pics.   Jumping off the dive board was not allowed, but I turned around and saw this.Jacob was mostly interested in taking out the sprinkles. I also found a few in his diaper. :0Our last minute in the pool consisted of covering Sarah with sprinkles. So fun! Room #11 – Breakfast, ice cream swing, games and store.  Tasting #6 – Ice cream sandwich made with two pink pancakes and that’s a wrap!

We had lots of fun, got some great pictures and made a memorable experience. Until next time LA!

PS thanks for the recommendation G.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. However I wrote this post for mamas from a mama’s point of view.

Show & Tell Tuesday – Travelogues

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Travelogues.

Which fits perfectly as I just got back from my sister’s baclorette trip in Mexico.

Day 1

I arrived late Thursday evening. I had a few gifts waiting in my room. The theme for the weekend was #NachoAverageBach.Day 2

We started our day with a visit to Starbucks. I tried their little cheese breads which remind me of Brazilian cheese bread. It was delicious!

While we waited for a few more people to arrive we walked around town. We spotted a market with some kosher food!

Ready for the day with out gear. Our event for the day was a boat trip out to sea.  After this picture is when things started to go bad. It was so windy my hat flew in the water! Luckily the guy had a super long pole and got it for me. It was so so windy. The waves were huge and the boat was rocky. I tried my best, but I just could not hold it together. My cousin and I remained on the side of the boat for the remainder of the trip.

We finally made it to a calm area where we can get out of the boat and snorkel. I wasn’t completely ready to go in, but was trying to make my way down when I slipped and fell into the water.

Now I have a huge black and blue bruise on my chest.

We ate lunch and hung out for a bit.

G even got to drive the boat. I hung out on the boat some more while my sisters got in the water. G had fun playing around on the ring float I got her! The way back wasn’t any better. I threw up my lunch and more. I really don’t think I can do small boats anymore. Ugh I was so sick!

For dinner, I made reservations at Diablito Cha Cha Cha.After dinner we went out to a club where I didn’t take a single picture :(

We ended the night with a little night swim back at the hotel. G found another fun float! Day 2

We started our day with some cheesy cousin pictures. Our plan for this day was to go to Tulum to see the ruins, swim in a fresh water cave and go to the beach. We stopped for an early lunch at an authentic taco cart with the yummiest salsa bar.  The Ruins were beautiful and so is my sisters squad. We got super lost after this picture, but thanks to Vanessa’s entry ticket we were able to go back to our tour guide.Next part of the trip was my favorite adventure, the Cenotes. We cooled off in the water and swam around looking at coral. We ended the trip with a visit to the beach and some more tacos.  Back at our hotel we back to the pool to watch the sun set.  We got all dressed up for dinner at Catch.Both dinner and dessert was amazing!!We ended the day with some traditional bachlorette fun in the room.

Day 3

Noting says vacation like breakfast in bed. After breakfast we walked over to the beach.   Soaking up my last few minutes before it’s time to go home.

Adios Mexico!

Cheers to you sis! Hope you had fun!!Special thanks to my hubby for holding down the fort. xo

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Vegas with the girls

Vegas with my mom and aunt

Traveling with kids

Traveling With Kids

With most of my family in the east coast, I travel with the kids often.

We even taken my oldest on an international flight!

After multiple flights, I’ve come up with a list of things to pack while traveling with kids.

Car seats/Strollers/Pack n’ Play: You are entitled to bring all three as a carry on for free. Just make sure to check them at the gate so they can tag them for you.

Coloring Books and Triangular Crayons: This tip comes from my friend Erin Y. She uses triangle crayons on the flights so there is less of a chance they roll away. Genius!Gel Clings: Kids love playing with this cheap toy. We use them on the windows and our tray. They provide a great way to use their imagination and are an easy clean up.

Toys: Through out the year, I buy small $1 Target bin toys and keep them hidden. They key word to remember is new toys. A new toy is more intriguing then a toy they played with yesterday. Things like little match box cars, games and little dolls are great toys to play with on your tray table. If they get lost or break it’s no biggie, since they were cheap to begin with.

Color Wonder Sets: I love these mess free coloring books. What makes them different from washable markers is that these markers only color on their specific pages. As an added bonus we use these masterpieces to give to whoever picks us up.Water Wow Activity Books: We love these books! We even have a few in the car. You fill up the reusable brush with water and start coloring. The kids loves seeing the “paint” dry.Imagine Ink Activity Books: Another mess free option are these awesome Imagine Ink sheets and books. It revels lot’s of colors while using a clear marker that will not visibly mark most other items Pre-loaded movies on your device: Only after coloring and playing for a while I bring out the iPad. Before our flight, hubby pre-loads a few movies at home. The kids pick a few and I throw in a surprise movie for them as well. Sometimes the kids use their airplane screens, but it can be tricky for little fingers and not user friendly.

Headphones: In order not to disrupt the other passengers my kids use headphones while using any electronic devices. Bring headphones for your kids. The ones they sell don’t work well with little ears.

Snacks: Yes you can buy snacks on the plane, but they are expensive and they don’t have a wide variety. Bring identical snacks for each kid and put them in their own bag (or in a large Ziplock bag). This way the kids don’t need to fight and can mange their own snacks.  Trash Bag: This sounds silly, but trust me this will come in handy. Bring a supermarket size bag for all your trash. Waiting for the flight attendants to pick up your trash can take a while. Plus there is nothing more gross when your kid hands you something gooey and you have no where to dispose it.

Wipes: Between snacks, boogers and just freshening up, baby wipes are super useful. We love these grab & go flip top packs wipes. Pillow and Blanket: If your kids still nap, bring an inflatable pillow and blanket (and their lovie). The flights can be chilly and uncomfortable so set up a napping location if you want them to nap well. I used to lug around a small pillow, but now I prefer to bring/hold less and use this inflatable pillow.

Happy flying!

Have anything to add? Please share below.

Disneyland {2017}

On Sarah’s birthday last year she asked us to go to Disneyland for her birthday. So this year on her 6th birthday we went to Anaheim for a little 3 day vacation.

Had this little sticker made here.

Day 1 – Hotel

Our family moves a bit slow in the mornings. So in order to get a full day at Disneyland we decided to add an extra day to our trip. This way we could have a an early start on Disneyland day. We checked in, got settled and headed to the pool.The kiddos loved spending the afternoon hanging out by the pool. We cleaned up and drove down the street to dinner at El Torito. We had fun playing with the bull crowns while we waited for dinner. Me and the birthday girl!

We headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Day 2 – Disneyland

The day started with our family tradition of a doughnut, candle and a birthday song.

We got dressed and started our day. Our first ride of the day was the rocket ships in Fantasyland.

The rest of the day we went through the park stopping at whatever ride the kids wanted to do.    We stopped for lunch and then split up so Jacob could take a nap. I put my feet up and enjoyed the break. Jacob was on hour two of nap so we decided to meet up and explore some more. Snacking while brother is asleep. ;) Just as we were getting in line to ride the carousel, we bumped into our neighbors. How random!!    We hung out with our neighbor some more and did a couple rides. Jacob was not a fan. :( We took a break from rides and just walked around a bit. We came across the castle and had a little photo shoot with princess Sarah! We did a few more rides and then sat down for dinner and the electric light parade. It was such a fun and magical day!

As we are leaving, Jacob throws up all over him self and the stroller (which was borrowed from my friend). Eek!

Day 3 – CA Adventure

We started our day with a meet and greet with Mickey!Our first show of the day and probably our favorite was the Disney Jr Live show. It was super interactive and lot’s of fun!Then we did the unthinkable. We waited in a line for over an hour to meet Anna, Elsa and the crew. They took a lot of time with each guest and Sarah had a huge smile the whole time, but ugh what a long line. The next area was one our favorite lands, Bugs Land.

While Jacob napped hubby and I took turns riding rides with Sarah. Our other favorite area was the Cars Land. Jacob loves Mater and McKeen (McQueen) as does our whole family. I wish I had the camera on him when he woke up and realized he was in Radiator Springs. The pure excitement was too cute!As we were walking down the street all of a sudden DJ turned on and dancers started to appear. They called on the kids and sure enough miss Sarah joined the crowd. We walked around some more and stopped to take pictures with some of the cars from the movie. We went back to Bugs Land so that Jacob could go on some of the rides. Sarah was super excited about the first ride, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. This was the only ride she could sit next to her brother. The Little Mermaid ride was super cute. Brought back a lot of childhood memories. There were a few rides Jacob was too short to ride on. So hubby took advantage of ride share while J and I played and rode some rides.  Our last ride of the night was Radiator Springs Racers which had a THREE HOUR wait!!!

So crazy! Luckily we got to use a ride share pass and only waited 30 minutes each.

It was fast, a bit scary, but surprisingly Sarah loved it. Even though she doesn’t look like it in this picture. It was way past our bed time and we were ready to crash. A quick little one hour ride back and we were home in our beds. It was fun Disney, but phew I’m exhausted. Until next time.

Germaine’s Visit {2017}

Last month my youngest sister, Germaine, and her fiance had a 48 hour layover in LA.

So as soon as she landed we hit the ground running.

Day 1

We started the day with a picnic and a walk around a nearby garden. While driving home, Sarah saw an ice skating rink and suggested we check it out.

The girls ice skated while the rest of us hung out and drank hot cocoa. I dropped the kids off with hubby and took G and Ori to LA. We got dressed while we watched the award show in their hotel room.  The TV was so cool! One side is a mirror and the other side is a TV! 

We met up with some friends for dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant in LA called Toca Madera. Check it out if you are in the area!!Thanks Snapchat for the fun filters!Day 2

We started our day in LA by walking around the LACMA museum and the LA Tar Pits.     It was a short, but sweet visit.

The worst part of the visit was saying goodbye to them.

I miss her.

I miss my family so so much.

But most of all I miss being together with everyone.

Thanks for the visit, G, but now I am super homesick.

Vegas {2015}

My friend Jen and I have been talking about seeing Britney Spears perform in Vegas for a while now. After talking about our love for Britney our friends decided to join us for a girls trip to Vegas.

The 14 of us arrived to Vegas Friday afternoon. Some flew and others drove. I was in this car.IMG_9651 -jens car

To get the girls excited I made these little gifts. IMG_9652We finally arrived (gosh I really don’t like driving long distances!!) and checked into to our hotel. The first day was spent hanging out in our hotel and a little gambling.IMG_9873IMG_9880IMG_9681 IMG_9685We went back to our rooms and got ready for the concert. A few of us went to the concert while the rest hung out in the hotel.

Jen and I before the concert. We were soooo excited! IMG_9688 IMG_9694

Countdown to the show.IMG_9701

We had sooo much fun! Our seats were perfect and Britney was amazing!IMG_9699IMG_9834Some of my favorites shots!IMG_9716IMG_9717IMG_9719IMG_9739IMG_9727We met up with the rest of our group for dancing and drinks. It was super crowded and crazy so I only got this picture. IMG_9749The 2nd day started with breakfast in our hotel. I had this yummy yogurt parfait and fruit. IMG_9770

After breakfast we headed to the pool in our hotel. IMG_9771 IMG_9773IMG_9779We went back to our rooms and got ready for dinner.

Trying to get a group photo in the cab line was quite hilarious.IMG_9784

Dinner at Olives did not disappoint! The food was yummy, the drinks were fun and the company was even better!IMG_9790FullSizeRender

Our feet were starting to hurt. Before heading to the club a few of us put on our ballet flats. Thanks for the tip Liza!IMG_9810

It was super crowded and lets face it we were tired. As much as we love to go out when we are home, this weekend had us wiped!IMG_9871    I am so happy to have met these moms!

Going through motherhood with them while doing things like this is just amazing!

I am beyond grateful for their friendships.

Love you all!

To friendship :)

Oshrat’s Visit {2015}

I love having visitors. I especially love it when my family comes to visit!

Once a year my sister, Oshrat comes out for a visit (see past visits here). This time her visit was to meet Jacob.IMG_7567

We started most mornings with a visit to Starbucks or the doughnut shop or both.Image(1)Our afternoons were spent at the park.IMG_7549IMG_8760We did a lot of fun things during her visit. We went blueberry picking.IMG_8751 IMG_8752Hung out by the pool. IMG_8758 When my sisters come to visit we like to find yummy things to eat. This trip was no exception. IMG_7569IMG_7570IMG_7612IMG_7638IMG_7623Thank you Oshrat for all the fun memories! I hope you had as much fun as we did. Love you!IMG_7725

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