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Fillmore Train Field Trip

I recently went on my 4th Fillmore Train Field Trip. Twice with Sarah and twice with Jacob.I love doing the same things with my kids and when I remember take the same picture. We are so very thankful for our mommy and me class.

My train loving boy was super excited about his 2nd turn to ride the train!Classmate Nathan and Jacob holding their trains and conductor hats.All abroad the choo choo! My little conductor is so excited! Ready for our stop, The Fish Hatchery. I totally thought Jacob would be excited to see the conductor, but for some reason Jacob was super nervous around him. We got our fish food and Jacob dropped in a few at a time.  Then he noctied his buddy Aubrey throwing in handfuls and then her whole bag so Jacob decided to do the same. Monkey see, monkey do! Now that the fish are full it’s time to go back on the train!Once we got back to the train station, we played peek a boo on the stationed trains. Such a fun day out with little man!

Harlem Globetrotters

Once a month I try to find something fun to do with the family. So when I saw that the Harlem Globetrotters were in town and on a Sunday I knew we needed to go.

Hubby went when he was younger and I’ve never been, but the idea of watching a team of basketball players play tricks while they run up and down the court seemed fun. And fun it was!We picked our seats on Stub Hub blindly and totally lucked out! We sat right where the Harlem Globetrotters players walk in from. We got to see the players once again as they went to their lockerooms during halftime.The tricks were even cooler during half time! They brought out mats and a trampoline. My kids thought it was so cool. See more tricks here.

Globie, their mascot, even came out and did a few tricks.  See Globie breakdance here.

Sarah was really impressed!Such a fun day spending time with my loves! Looking forward to our next family adventure!

Melissa’s Birthday in Portland

This past weekend I went to Portland to celebrate my best friend, Melissa’s birthday.

10 years ago I met Melissa in Nor Cal while working for her as a USY Advisor. She was sweet, funny and we had a lot in common. Through out the years we grew even closer. She hosted my bridal shower and my sheva brachot (after wedding dinner). She always make time to see me and my family when she comes to LA. And she is the best person to call when you want to chat. To celebrate her 40th birthday she invited a few close group of friends to stay at her house.


After landing Thursday evening, Melissa took us to our first stop in Portland, Voodoo Doughnut. This eclectic shop has over 50 different kinds of doughnuts, is covered in pink paint and has super art throughout.  We got the Old Dirty Bastard, Snickers Doughnut, and Portland Cream. Yum!!!We walked around for a bit, got pizza and checked out a few places.


We slept in a bit, ran some errands and then made our way out to lunch. After lunch we went to the Nike Employee Store. Melissa’s sister-in-law works for Nike so we checked out the store and bought some shoes. Our next stop was Melissa’s yogurt shop, Yo Zone. She recently bought the shop so going in everyday while we were in town was lot’s of fun. So proud of her! We concluded the evening with Shabbat dinner with her family and friends. DAY 3

We started the day with pomegranate mimosas and brunch at Cheryl’s in downtown Portland.This restaurant is known for their beignets before the meal. Sweets before a meal, I like the way they think! Cheers to the birthday girl!After brunch we walked around a bit. I loved the fresh air and crystal blue sky!Our next stop was the Pittock Mansion. The views were gorgeous and the trees were beautiful. I loved seeing all the moss everywhere. Since we were so high up we even got to see snow.  Sarah and I were both very excited!The next stop might have been my favorite (shhh, don’t tell Melissa!). While looking for things to do in Portland, The Cullen House popped up!  If you know me personally you know how much I was into the whole Twilight craze. My sister and I even went to the all premiers. See more here.We got out, took some pictures and then the owner came out and told us to leave! Ahhh!  If you’re not familiar with this house here is what it looked like in the movie. After we picked up her friend from the airport we checked out the Rose Gardens. However there were no roses to be found. I still thought it was a beautiful area. We squeezed into her SUV and made our daily visit to Yo Zone.We all took a glorious nap and got ready for dinner. Melissa was so sweet and got us a limo for the evening.For dinner we went to SuBe for sushi. Before our next stop we took the limo around town. We stopped at the Columbia River.

We ended the night with some fun at the Barrel Room. I wasn’t so good about taking pictures. DAY 4

We woke up and had Melissa’s homemade bagels. Yum!!Our outing for the day was Powell’s Books. I could have stayed all day! I picked up a few gifts for the kiddos and was ready for my flight. Instead of eating lunch near the airport we deiced to check out the food carts.With multiple flights and times I got to the airport on the earlier side. While walking around I spotted a spa. I decided since I was still not on mom duty, Id’ end my trip with a little neck and shoulder massage. Ahhh! Thank you Melissa for inviting me and for all for the fun memories! Until next time…

Big shout out to my hubby for holding down the fort! This trip would have not have happened if it weren’t for his love and support. Not only did he take kids out on outings, he dressed and did Sarah’s hair for their first father daughter dance.

Harvest Crush

In honor of my good friend, Whitney‘s, birthday this week I want to share the fun moms day out we had this past fall.

I came across an event called, Harvest Crush and invited the perfect friend to join me.

Whitney and I met up at the winery and HAD the best time!We started the afternoon with a lesson on how to cut grapes. Next up was my favorite part, crushing the grapes!

We all dumped our buckets into the container, took turn climbing inside and started to stomp. It reminded when Lucy stomped grapes in this episode. We both almost slipped a few times, but luckily no one hit the floor. So fun! We did pretty good considering we were laughing most of the time! We rinsed our feet and then headed inside for lunch.Thankful for afternoons with friends!

LA Zoo Lights

Last night we went to the a LA Zoo for their annual holiday event called LA Zoo Lights.

I was looking for new adventures during December to do with my family and came across this event.

It was absolutely magical!

Here is a peek into our adventure.

There’s always one kid not looking :(This rose bush was stunning! I wish the picture did it justice. After a little walking we rode the carousel.  Next up was the Twinkle Tunnel.It was beautiful, but our pouty 6 year old made it hard to enjoy as she wanted a turn in the stroller. Then we walked outside and Sarah was immediately giggling in delight. There’s something about snowfall soap bubbles that make kids happy.  It was getting cold, 59 degrees, so a hot cup of cocoa was calling our name. Thank you LA Zoo for having adult choices in your hot cocoa cart! :)

We walked around some more and checked out all the lights. The kids were loving the music in one area so we had a little family dance party.Love adventuring with my little family.Before heading out we visited the reptiles and amphibians Lair.Thanks for the fun memories LA Zoo.

Vegas {2017}

Last year we started a new tradition where we take the kids to Vegas. With both kids off of school for a week, we break it up and take a little family vacation while we can.

Day 1

Driving to Vegas is only a little over 4 hours from So Cal, but driving with kids it’s more like 6 hours.

Our first stop was the Alien Park. We picked up some snacks, took a bathroom break and walked around checking all the alien memorabilia.Jacob was not a fan. Our next stop was the Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum. Hubby is a huge fan an even has his owns a pinball machine.The kids weren’t into all the nostalgia, but did find some games they were familiar with.

Definitely a place worth checking out with or without kids.

When we bought tickets for the High Roller roller coaster at the Linq we just picked a random time. Turns out before 5 pm was really a great choice! We got to see the sunset over the Las Vegas strip.   When we got to the top,all the screens changed to confetti and notified us we were 550ft above the strip. So cool! After our long day we checked in to the hotel and rode the tram to the nearby hotel for dinner.

We ended the day with dinner at Noodles and crepes for dessert at the Bellagio.

Day 2

Hubby and kids wanted to go to the pool, but I wasn’t interested. So we split up and met up later in the day.

While hubby sent me pictures of the kids in the pool, I enjoyed breakfast in bed.I still had more time before they got back so I went exploring.

I walked by the entrance to the Britney Spears concert and was reminded of the good time we had on our girls trip a couple of years ago. J took a nap while the rest of us relaxed in our room for a bit.

For dinner we took the kids to Rainforest Cafe. I have great memories going there as a kid.

After dinner we headed to Lights on the Race Track. The track is 20 minutes away from the strip, but highly recommended if you are in the area.  Day 3

We started the day with nutella waffles. #wheninVegas Then we walked around the strip, walking in and out of hotels, checking out the displays and the fountains. Our favorite strip activity!

After 4 hours of walking around we were ready to head home. Vegas was fun! We went on new adventures and made new memories we will always remember.

Our first stretch break was the Seven Magic Mountains. Driving home the view was absolutely gorgeous! It’s so magical seeing g-ds work.

Our final stop was a buffet. I’m not a big buffet fan, but hubby is. So I compromised and checked out a place hubby has been wanting to check out. It wasn’t horrible, but also I wasn’t really hungry. The chocolate fountain was our favorite.

Thanks for the memories Vegas!

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Sarah and I recently went on a girls trip to Montana to celebrate Rhonda and Daniel’s wedding! As soon as we got in our rental, Sarah passed out! We woke up at 4:30 am so it was no surprise she was tired. I too wanted to join her, but we had an 1.5 hour drive to the ranch so I did the adult thing and drove. After 12 hours of traveling, we made it to Shabbat dinner! The next day we checked into a cozy hotel and had the greatest time. Sarah was really into the band at the bar! Sarah was really admiring my earrings so she asked if she could take a picture. Sure, cheese!Staying up late and going to the bar for dinner and drinks with my girl was so much fun!

The next day we walked downstairs to Bernie’s for the yummiest pancakes. Being surrounded by so many nearby states we decided to explore and check out another state. We thought Wyoming sounded fun, so we got in the car and drove an 1.5 out.We explored the town, checked out a grocery store, had some lunch and ate the yummiest huckleberry ice cream. Back to Montana we go! We got in robes, ordered food, and watched TV. We had an early flight the next morning so Face timed with hubby and Jacob and said goodnight. It wasn’t the trip we planned for, but hanging out with my girl one on one for the weekend was amazing!

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