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LA Zoo Lights

Last night we went to the a LA Zoo for their annual holiday event called LA Zoo Lights.

I was looking for new adventures during December to do with my family and came across this event.

It was absolutely magical!

Here is a peek into our adventure.

There’s always one kid not looking :(This rose bush was stunning! I wish the picture did it justice. After a little walking we rode the carousel.  Next up was the Twinkle Tunnel.It was beautiful, but our pouty 6 year old made it hard to enjoy as she wanted a turn in the stroller. Then we walked outside and Sarah was immediately giggling in delight. There’s something about snowfall soap bubbles that make kids happy.  It was getting cold, 59 degrees, so a hot cup of cocoa was calling our name. Thank you LA Zoo for having adult choices in your hot cocoa cart! :)

We walked around some more and checked out all the lights. The kids were loving the music in one area so we had a little family dance party.Love adventuring with my little family.Before heading out we visited the reptiles and amphibians Lair.Thanks for the fun memories LA Zoo.

Vegas {2017}

Last year we started a new tradition where we take the kids to Vegas. With both kids off of school for a week, we break it up and take a little family vacation while we can.

Day 1

Driving to Vegas is only a little over 4 hours from So Cal, but driving with kids it’s more like 6 hours.

Our first stop was the Alien Park. We picked up some snacks, took a bathroom break and walked around checking all the alien memorabilia.Jacob was not a fan. Our next stop was the Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum. Hubby is a huge fan an even has his owns a pinball machine.The kids weren’t into all the nostalgia, but did find some games they were familiar with.

Definitely a place worth checking out with or without kids.

When we bought tickets for the High Roller roller coaster at the Linq we just picked a random time. Turns out before 5 pm was really a great choice! We got to see the sunset over the Las Vegas strip.   When we got to the top,all the screens changed to confetti and notified us we were 550ft above the strip. So cool! After our long day we checked in to the hotel and rode the tram to the nearby hotel for dinner.

We ended the day with dinner at Noodles and crepes for dessert at the Bellagio.

Day 2

Hubby and kids wanted to go to the pool, but I wasn’t interested. So we split up and met up later in the day.

While hubby sent me pictures of the kids in the pool, I enjoyed breakfast in bed.I still had more time before they got back so I went exploring.

I walked by the entrance to the Britney Spears concert and was reminded of the good time we had on our girls trip a couple of years ago. J took a nap while the rest of us relaxed in our room for a bit.

For dinner we took the kids to Rainforest Cafe. I have great memories going there as a kid.

After dinner we headed to Lights on the Race Track. The track is 20 minutes away from the strip, but highly recommended if you are in the area.  Day 3

We started the day with nutella waffles. #wheninVegas Then we walked around the strip, walking in and out of hotels, checking out the displays and the fountains. Our favorite strip activity!

After 4 hours of walking around we were ready to head home. Vegas was fun! We went on new adventures and made new memories we will always remember.

Our first stretch break was the Seven Magic Mountains. Driving home the view was absolutely gorgeous! It’s so magical seeing g-ds work.

Our final stop was a buffet. I’m not a big buffet fan, but hubby is. So I compromised and checked out a place hubby has been wanting to check out. It wasn’t horrible, but also I wasn’t really hungry. The chocolate fountain was our favorite.

Thanks for the memories Vegas!

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Sarah and I recently went on a girls trip to Montana to celebrate Rhonda and Daniel’s wedding! As soon as we got in our rental, Sarah passed out! We woke up at 4:30 am so it was no surprise she was tired. I too wanted to join her, but we had an 1.5 hour drive to the ranch so I did the adult thing and drove. After 12 hours of traveling, we made it to Shabbat dinner! The next day we checked into a cozy hotel and had the greatest time. Sarah was really into the band at the bar! Sarah was really admiring my earrings so she asked if she could take a picture. Sure, cheese!Staying up late and going to the bar for dinner and drinks with my girl was so much fun!

The next day we walked downstairs to Bernie’s for the yummiest pancakes. Being surrounded by so many nearby states we decided to explore and check out another state. We thought Wyoming sounded fun, so we got in the car and drove an 1.5 out.We explored the town, checked out a grocery store, had some lunch and ate the yummiest huckleberry ice cream. Back to Montana we go! We got in robes, ordered food, and watched TV. We had an early flight the next morning so Face timed with hubby and Jacob and said goodnight. It wasn’t the trip we planned for, but hanging out with my girl one on one for the weekend was amazing!

Florida Vacation Part 4 {2017}

It’s part 4 and the final post of our epic Florida Vacation. If you missed part 1 click here, part 2 click here and part 3 click here.

Day 11:

We were all tired and starting to feel the the wear of the trip. It was a simple day. We lounged around the pool, ordered Uber Eats and hung out at home. The kids needed an outing and I was in the mood for ice cream so we headed to my childhood favorite, Jaxson’s Ice Cream.It’s the busiest place in town! Day 12:

We woke up and headed out for breakfast. The clouds were grey and it was starting to rain, but I didn’t care. I was determined to go to the beach! There is nothing like the warm and blue Atlantic ocean!!

Sure enough as soon as we got to the beach it cleared up and ended in a beautiful beach day. For dinner, my sister G and my mom went to the mall to register. Day 14: Travel day

 We woke up late, lounged around and packed our bags. No matter what coast we are on or what city we are in, when my kids hear a garbage truck they run to the door and beg to go outside.  Our last outing in Florida was a visit to my safta’s (grandma in Hebrew) resting place. I tired to be here for her memorial, but due to the Hebrew dates we missed it by a couple of days.It was pouring! Which made it easier to hide my tears. Miss you safta!! We grabbed our bags and headed to the airport. It was an epic trip that my kids and I will always remember. It was long, exhausting at times and super super hot, but we made some memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to my cousin, Mor for the airplane bags! The kids love it and I got some quiet time! Our flight was uneventful since J fell asleep as soon as we took off!  To see past trips click below.

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It’s part 3 of our epic Florida Vacation. If you missed part 1 click here. and part 2 here.

Day 8:

We started the day at a play place called Little Java. Super cute place! Our favorite was the nerf shooter. Both kids loved collecting the balls in their basket and putting their balls in the shooter. Poor kiddo would pass out on almost every ride. His schedule was so messed up. It was super hot so we jumped into the pool and cooled off. For dinner that night I decided the kids and I needed a little alone time. I took them to my childhood favorite, La Granja!

The kids agreed!Day 9:

We started the day with surprise birthday doughnuts at Germaine’s house. I’m not sure if the kids actually left any doughnuts for her.

My aunt, Esther owns a children’s spa, called Pink Lemonade and invited Sarah for a fun day! Sarah was in heaven!! She already asked me if she could come back.

After lunch we headed to my cousin, Natalie’s house to play and meet the babies.

Later that night we took G out to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for her birthday dinner. While waiting for the guest of honor we took some pictures in the lobby. G and her fiance, Ori!Sarah loves some her auntie time! So glad I was able to be there for your birthday! Love you! Day 10:

We met up with my cousin, Mor, her kiddos and my childhood friend Corrie and her son Harrison at a museum called, Young At Art.

Except it wasn’t a great day. We overslept and missed most of the play date. Then I hit a parked car (sorry sis) and I forgot to pack snacks. My kids were having meltdowns and I was just about done with this heat.

We played for a bit, had lunch and went to home for naps. This mama was done.

I didn’t take any pictures in the museum, but did mange to get the boy cousins in a picture together while walking out. Both boys have matching lovies! How cute!  Which happen to be the same exact one! Later that afternoon we had friends, Stacey and Mia come over to swim.  For dinner that night, my parents invited G’s fiance, Ori and his family. For g’s birthday, Sarah got her pinata. Such a busy day!

See you next week for part 4!

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Florida Vacation Part 2 {2017}

It’s part 2 of our epic Florida Vacation. If you missed part 1 click here.

Day 5:

We started the day with a visit to the Frost museum in Miami. It was super hot and we were starting to melt down (I might have been the first one). We were super thankful when we spotted a water area. My kids love animals so anytime there is touch tank we find ourselves spending a lot time by the tanks. This time we got to touch sting rays. Our favorite room has to be the INDOOR room where the kids got to dance in the lit floor. So fun! After this fun and air conditioned room we walked out to 98 degrees and 67% humidity. Jacob was way ready for a nap and I was ready to sit in an air condition room. A few minutes later J fell asleep and I got some much needed cool down time.Later that night we met up for cousin night in Ft Luaderdale. Day 6

We headed to Castaway Island with my mom, Osh and the kids.     We had so much fun!

For dinner I met up with some of my childhood friends at a local Mexican restaurant.Day 7

We laid low and just spent the day at my cousins house playing with her 3 kids. The kids played so nicely that it made me sad to think about leaving in a few days. Growing up with my cousins are some of my favorite memories! The kids played dress up, puzzles, ate lunch and ended the aternoon with water play. For dinner we went out to celebrate my sister, Germaine’s birthday at a karaoke bar.  What a busy week!

See you next week for part 3!

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Florida Vacation Part 1 {2017}

Every year I take the kiddos to visit my parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and more. This year however was epic! Epic because it was long. Epic because I survived 2 weeks of airplanes, suitcases, room sharing and multiple car seat transfers. Epic because we went to the hottest, muggiest and sweatiest state in the middle of summer.

Per usual it was super busy. We celebrated my sisters, Germaine‘s birthday, attended my childhood friends birthday party, we there for my safta‘s memorial, and lot’s more.

 With over 800 pictures I thought it would be too much for one post so I’ll break it down to a few posts.

Week 1:

The only direct flight that didn’t cost an arm and a leg was really early in the morning. Hubby and I decided to leave the kids in their jammies and drive straight to the airport.

The kids were really good on the flight! Jacob even napped for 2 hours.

See my Traveling With Kids tips here.

Day 1:

My dad got Sarah a scooter. The kids were super excited to try it out first thing in the morning!Nono, the kids great grandfather, came by for a visit. It was already starting to heat up so we deiced to go to walk over to the pool and cool off. Sarah spotted an iguana and was super surprised to learn they just roam the grass in South Florida.

She thought she could touch one until the iguana started running after her. A few minutes later she found a much smaller animal to catch.

Later that afternoon we went out to run a few errands. The kiddos experienced their first summer storm. Jacob was confused by the rain so he made sure to cover saba’s (grandpa in Hebrew) head. My dad thought it was so funny so he decided to do the same.My sister, Osh took Sarah out for ice cream and then to her place for a sleepover. Day 2:

My parents got the kids a few new toys to add to the toys my parents keep for our visits. Jacob was mesmerized by the train set and spent most of his mornings working on his railroad. I needed a haircut and some color so Osh picked us up for a day at my moms salon.

While Etti tried to tame my mane, the kids helped my mom in the front desk.Sarah even got her nails done!You know you are in Florida when the hair salon passes out cuban coffee during your visit. Before and after! The kids were done after a few hours so my dad took them back home for lunch and nap. I walked into my parents room and saw this. My heart melted and I took about a dozen pictures.These are the moments and reasons I take my kids on these trips.

Day 3

On this day we made plans to meet up with my cousin and her kids at the local library for story time.After lunch, naps and some relaxing we met up again at my friend Alexis’ house for a swim play date. I didn’t take any pictures, except I did get the Sarah’s swimming together. I had plans with Germaine this evening, so my parents watched the kiddos. My dad took these cute pictures of my mom loving on Jacob.Germaine works for a magazine where she gets press passes to different events. Thanks to my sis we got to sit at a Beach Bunny swimwear fashion show. After the show we hung out in the tent and visited some of the booths. These cotton candies tasted like roses and pink lemonade. Yum! Day 4:

We started the day with brunch at my aunt and uncles house. I think Jacob looks a lot like my cousin, Morris when he was young.  After a super full belly we made our way to the pool.For dinner I met up with my friends to celebrate my childhood friend, Corrie’s birthday. She asked us to come dressed in 80’s clothes. What a fun night!

See you next week for part 2!

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