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My Birthday Part 2 {2015}

After celebrating with my friends last weekend I woke up feeling very blessed.

I wanted to find a way to give back on my birthday.

I remembered seeing an email about visiting the senior home for Chanukah last week, but wasn’t sure I could make it. I checked in with my friend who runs the program and verified all the details.

After some cozy moments with my favorites we headed to volunteer at the senior home.

IMG_2861 - fav

Sarah was super shy and didn’t want to participate. However Jacob was all smiles!IMG_2888IMG_2937IMG_2891After the senior home we met up with my friend, Erin for some lunch.IMG_2893Thank you Erin for the visit!

We headed back home and hung out the rest of the afternoon.

These pretty flowers and a cake from Miss Grace were delivered.IMG_3065

Later that night we hired a babysitter to watch Jacob so that we didn’t have to rush through dinner when Jacob turned into a pumpkin.

Hubby made reservations at The Melting Pot. Mmmm love me some cheese and chocolate fondue! IMG_2938 IMG_2923

It was a great day!

Thank you for all the calls, texts, emails, cards and gifts. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

I also want to thank my hubby for all the love and special moments through out the day.


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My Birthday {2015}

I LOVE celebrating all occasions, including my birthday.

Unfortunately I was born on the busiest month of the year, which makes people unavailable.

Every year I am reminded of this.xmas 02b71410ecb4a72d9cd7fbdbfab31266 image-300x238 fb23245d4e9271449782188dd1ce1295

 It sucks when people tell you they can’t celebrate your birthday because they have Christmas events to attend or worse when people blame Christmas expenses for not being able to celebrate.

I didn’t pick my date of birth. I don’t like having to compete with such a huge holiday.

So every year around my birthday I get super emotional and sensitive. I can’t help it! I try really hard to be optimistic, but I HATE it when people blame the holiday for my celebration. Lie or make other excuses, but please don’t blame Christmas/the holidays!

After a rough afternoon I picked myself up and greeted my friends. We started with drinks at my place while we waited for everyone to arrive.IMG_2737We started the night out at Pump for dinner and drinks.

While walking in to the restaurant, my friend spies Lisa Vanderpump, the owner and Housewife of Beverly Hills! We all got super excited!! Being fans of her show we had our picture taken took pictures with her in the background. 12311324_10207101767656512_4177387483471389703_nDinner and drinks were delicious! The restaurant was beautiful!! We were all very pleasantly surprised. 12360124_10207101773176650_3327583143172219260_n 12341418_10207101769856567_274662797651119477_n12347810_10207101770576585_5506257845104828829_n 12310709_10207101771216601_3032387648370681748_n12341238_10207101774096673_2500756329650594217_nAfter dinner we walked over to SUR. We didn’t see any of the waiters on the show, but we did spot some friends of friends on the show. 12316214_10207101775496708_6740042370810331175_n

Our 3rd stop of the night was a visit to the Abbey for some dancing. I didn’t get any good pictures, just this fuzzy one :(FullSizeRender

I want to thank everyone for making my night so much fun!! I love you girls! Wouldn’t be able to go through this journey with out you!!!

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Sarah turns 4!

Last week our daughter, Sarah tuned 4!

Leading up to the big day we celebrated her 4th birthday party at the park.IMG_1569 - fav

A few days later hubby and I brought treats and shared the celebration in her class.IMG_6168 IMG_6170

The day of her actual birthday started off with a traditional sweet treat and candle upon woke up.

IMG_6198 Watch the video here.

Next on the agenda was a mommy and daughter date to the movies. We watched Cinderella.IMG_6210 IMG_6212

It was an adorable movie! I even cried (damn hormones!!) when the mom died. Before the mother died she told her daughter to “have courage and be kind.” I thought the message was really fitting for my birthday girl. Have courage and be kind Sarah. 

After lunch and nap, our family headed to her school play. The theme was Gardening and Sarah was a dancing strawberry. She took her roll seriously and twirled when she got on stage. IMG_6230 IMG_6244

Sarah and Emily after the show.IMG_6258

Just like the past few birthdays Sarah requested sushi for dinner. IMG_6268 IMG_6274

We had a great day together!

Next year her birthday will be a bit different. There will be another kid (g-d willing) in the family. And who knows if we will combine their birthday parties or maybe just take a trip somewhere instead. Whatever we choose to do it’s going to be different. So I made sure to really embrace our special day together.

Here are some things about my 4 year old:

She is sassy and stubborn, but can also be very sweet.

She is still shy the first few minutes upon meeting her, but then opens up to people and becomes their best friend.

Her palette hasn’t changed much from last year (see Sarah turns 3 post here.) She still likes and dislikes to eat the same things.

Thanks to preschool, she can spell her name.

She loves anything to do with Minions and the movie Frozen.

She still naps 2 hours a day. On occasion we’ve skipped it and she becomes super cranky before bed.

She has a great imagination and can play with her figurines for a long time.

She loves playing dress up, but still likes to be silly.IMG_0836IMG_0989 - minionIMG_1877IMG_5134 IMG_5990 IMG_5151 IMG_0862 Happy 4th birthday Sarah! I love you so much! Have courage and be kind my love.

Frozen Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated Sarah’s 4th birthday party! We decide to celebrate her birthday a couple weeks early for two reasons. One was to make sure I didn’t go into early labor and miss the big event and second we moved last weekend so we needed to focus on one thing per weekend. Luckily I didn’t give birth early and was able to enjoy the celebration. In order to take it easy, hubby did a lot of the birthday

The Theme

Ever since I took Sarah to see the movie, Frozen she has been telling us how she wants her birthday party to be Frozen themed.

The Venue

One of Sarah’s favorite places to be is the park. Therefore we decided to have her party in a park once again. Unfortunately, just like last year it was a super hot day.IMG_1412


I kept it simple this year and just had a Happy Birthday banner above the food table.IMG_1398

I also framed a quote I found online.IMG_1394Food

We had pizza, two different type of salads and a few snacks to munch on.IMG_1395IMG_1396

Olaf Noses: Sliced carrotsIMG_1390

Elsa’s Snowflakes: Should have been white cheddar cheese balls, but I couldn’t find any so instead I served Pirate’s Booty.IMG_1391

Sven’s Antlers: Pretzels IMG_1392    Elsa Punch: Pineapple juice and Blue Hawaiian lemonade. Unfortunately the lemonade never made it to the party.IMG_1389Dessert

We made it simple this year and ordered a cake from Costco.IMG_6152IMG_6028Activities

Other then playing in the park I had two stations of activities for the kids to do.

Tattoo Station: Sarah loves tattoos! She can often be found wearing a few tats on each arm. Frozen Birthday: Tattoo Station

I bought a package of tattoos from Party City, bought a few sponges from the Dollar Tree and had a bowl filled with water.

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?: Ever since our trip to Lake Arrowhead Sarah keeps asking when we will see the snow again. So I thought it would be fun if we played with snow at the snow(original picture from here)

I bought 2 bottles of shaving cream, a box of baking soda and a few snow themed cookie cutters. I placed them all in a large bin for the kids to play with. Unfortunately we were so busy we never got a a chance to play with the snow.

Queen Elsa: What would a Frozen themed birthday party be without a visit from Queen Elsa? We hired the sweetest Queen Elsa to come to the party. She read a story, played games, sang along to a few songs and even made a coronation celebration by gifting Sarah a necklace.

IMG_1439 - book IMG_1442 IMG_1446 IMG_1451 IMG_1462 IMG_1470 IMG_1473 IMG_1477 IMG_1486IMG_1500IMG_1585IMG_1589

Sarah’s Birthday Outfit

Sarah is really into tutu’s and dressing up these days, so I was really excited when I found this dress with a tutu at Target.IMG_5987IMG_6018Favors

I made snow-doh for all the kids as party favors. Recipe can be found here. IMG_1393

Sarah even got in the kitchen to help. IMG_6003IMG_6007IMG_6009

It was a great birthday party! Sarah even said “I had the best day ever!”IMG_1528 IMG_1532 - daddy kiss IMG_1548 - sarah hugs sharon IMG_1561 IMG_1562 - clapping IMG_1566 IMG_1569 - fav IMG_1573IMG_1646IMG_1675 - famIMG_6025Thank you to all of our family and friends for making Sarah’s 4th birthday party so special.

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Sarah turns 3!

Today my little girl turns 3!

 IMG_5347IMG_5404 IMG_4978IMG_4296IMG_3539IMG_5317Wow, what a difference a year makes! I no longer have a baby, but instead I have a buddy. We play, dance, and even hang out together. At one she was just a blob and I was just learning how to be a mom. At 2 she was a toddler who was learning how to talk and I was learning who she was. At 3 I can honestly say she’s become this independent, funny, sweet little girl who I enjoy being around (when she’s not hungry, tired or cranky)!

She’s matured and blossomed into such a beautiful person I am so proud to call her my daughter.

Here are some things about my 3 year old:

Sarah is very social. Since she is on a need to know basis, she wakes up every morning asking me, “What we is doing today?” After I tell her where are we going she asks me, “Are my friends going to be there?” Once I assure her friends are joining us, she jumps up and down with great excitement for the days activities.

 Sarah is really thoughtful. She always thinks of her friends. She frequently brings extra snacks to share with her friends. However if her friend decides not to share she gets really angry.

Sarah loves being outside. Just like she wakes up in the morning to ask about our agenda, she normally needs another outdoor activity after nap or sometimes after dinner (in the summer). That is why I came up with items to keep her busy when we are hanging out outside our home. You can read more about the Summer Bag here.

Sarah loves all animals. From ants to dogs, she is has no fear. She frequently wants to pick up insects to “play” with.

Sarah loves to swim. She is often found swimming with daddy while I get misc house things done at home.

Sarah has fear of heights (just like her mommy). She wont go on a tall slide in the park. She wont try to jump off anything tall. Which makes this mama breath easy.  However, I’m trying to encourage her to be courageous and explain to her that I can help her, but she’s just not interested.

Sarah is a tomboyish. She enjoys playing with cars over dolls. She rather wear a Minion shirt and shorts then a dress. She prefers boyish things over girlish things when presented with the choice. On the flip side, she likes the princesses from the movie, Frozen (only). She frequently asks that I paint her nails or braid her hair.

It doesn’t really matter what she prefers. As long as she’s happy I don’t care what she plays with.

Sarah still takes 2 hour naps everyday. Except on Trip Thursdays or on Sunday’s when we have family outings.

Sarah is fully potty trained. However she has accidents 2-3 times a week.

Sarah still uses a pacifier to for nap time and bed time. Something I plan to get rid of before Preschool.

Sarah’s Likes –

Food: Mac and cheese, pizza, sushi, baked salmon, rice, oatmeal, peas, brussels sprouts and all fruit.

Sarah’s Dislikes –

 Food: lettuce, chicken with sauce and broccoli.

We love you Sarah! Happy Birthday!

Wacky White Elephant

I’m always looking for fun ideas to do with my mommy group. So when I came across a bloggers tradition to host a Wacky White Elephant gift exchange I was excited to try it out. I gathered my girls and hosted it at my place.

The gifts. Some mamas even brought two gifts the exchange.IMG_4994

To complete the gift exchange, you need nibbles. Everyone was asked to bring something savory or sweet to share. Since it was at my house I had the leisure to do something that didn’t travel well. I chose to do chocolate fondue. 

I found an easy recipe online and made it while my guests started to arrive.IMG_49883 step chocolate fondue:

1 1/2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tsp vanilla

The treats.IMG_4980 IMG_4992IMG_4985

I found these napkins at Target on clearance for $.50!!IMG_4978Drink station – my friends bought wine since I felt weird buying it at the store. IMG_4979I love getting together with my girlfriends!

My Birthday {2014}

This year I celebrated my 33rd birthday with some of my favorite people.

I am so blessed to have a loving family and a fabulous group of friends!

 The festivities started with my friend Erin C (who takes our annual family pictures) at a local café. She wasn’t able to attend my birthday celebration so instead she took me out for some yummy desert.

IMG_3722 - erin cThanks for the fun outing, Erin! xo

 Since I had so much fun celebrating my birthday at the country line-dancing club last year I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday there again this year.


I didn’t grow up listening to country music, but I am a huge fan now. Instead of a sit down dinner, I prefer a venue where people can roam around, dance, eat or just people watch. It’s a great place for all types of personalities.

 The following day my friend, Erin Y and I went on a Holiday Homes Tour. To protect each home we were asked to wear booties before entering.

IMG_3808 - home tours

We had a great time! We got to catch up and spend some quality time together.

 My birthday morning started off really nice. Hubby and Sarah brought me breakfast in bed and homemade cards. It was so thoughtful of them.


Hubby took Sarah to school while I got ready for brunch with my friends, Liza and Jessica. I’m not one to pick sweet foods at a restaurant, but I was really in the mood for French toast. So happy I ordered a this. It was delicious!


After brunch I headed to my happy place, Target. With a cup of coffee in my hand I browsed around until it was time to pick up Sarah from school.

It was such a lovely morning!

Later that night we headed out to dinner.


Before heading out a waitress came over to Sarah with a box of toys. Naturally, Sarah picked a headband that lights up. Best part was she thought they were reindeer antlers.

IMG_3856 Love my silly Sarah!

I had such a wonderful day! I am so blessed to have been surrounded by so much love. Thank you to those near and far for making my 33rd birthday so special. Lot’s of love!!

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